Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Self-love never fails

You know when that feeling cums over you.......Well it is here. I am in need of some self-love. I am sitting here with a t-shirt and boxers on. I can feel my clit becoming enlarged. Oh that feeling of an orgasm right now is overwhelming. I spread my legs open slowly so I can just slip a couple of fingers in my boxers from the side.....DAMN. I am extremely wet and my clit is so swollen just hungry for my touch. My fingers begin to explore my freshly shaven pussy....mmmmm I get my fingers moistened and roll them around my clit. Oh my, my hips begin to thrust forward wanting more of my fingers. I apply a little bit of pressure rubbing harder and I gasp silently. I slip off my boxers for better access and deeper penetration. My fingers know what I want and this time I crave some penetration, I slowly slide my fingers in my wet pussy. Oh shit, it is so warm and wet around my fingers and I move my hips forward to take my fingers in as far as they can go. My breathing is becoming heavier. I pull up my t-shirt exposing my breasts. I grab my left breast hard and thrust forward as my fingers have developed a rhythm of penetrating my eager pussy. I pull my fingers out and take my wet fingers and swirl them around my clit making it throb. Oh I want to cum so bad, it feels so good. But wait I want this to last a bit. I take my fingers out and rub them over my nipple so I can taste my juices off of my nipples......I have rather large breasts (44dd), I look at my wet moistened nipple and smile. I lift my breast to my mouth and I swirl my tongue around my nipple, sucking every drop from my nipple and damn I taste so good. I reach for my vibrator and place it on my hard clit, then turn it on. (For those of you who saw my HNT last week this may help) I then place one side of my double sided dildo in my wet pussy.......and oh hell. My hips thrust up and I am moaning louder. Oh my...I don't think I can last much longer. My pussy starts to prepare for an intense orgasm. I can't put my hips down, my other hand pressing the vibrator harder on my clit and my dildo is as deep as I can go, thrusting in and out and I just hang on........ My walls tighten around my dildo, making it harder to penetrate my wet pussy....while holding my breath, moving the speed of my vibrator to high for the most intense vibration....My clit just pulsates out of control, my pussy begins flooding with wetness all over my heart pounding. Little waves of uncontrollable thrusts begin and my hips begin to relax and I lay back enjoying the vibration still sending sensation to my clit. Slow thrusts of the dildo in and out as my body starts to recover from a much needed orgasm. Sure wish you had a hand in this.......**wink** maybe next time


Gray said...

Oh lordy, do I know those moments.. hhehehe Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

So sweet. Wish I were there :)

James said...

Mmmm, sounds wonderful, wish I was your personal voyeur.