Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TMI Tuesday Submitting (part 3) to Ms. X & Mr. Y

I feel Mr. Y's cock being pressed against my lips. I begin to open my mouth and he tells me firmly to close my mouth. I want to taste him so bad. He starts moving his cock across my lips as he randomly strokes his cock. He demands that I stick out my tongue. I obey. Mr. Y's cock finally touches my taste buds. He rubs the head of his cock over my tongue, he moans slightly about how hot my tongue was. Mr. Y takes his cock and presses it against my tongue. I can feel him taking long slow strokes up and down his shaft.

By this time Ms. X is behind me, her hard nipples brushing against my back. She slowly pulls my shoulders back making me lay down flat on the bed. I hear Mr. Y move over and I hear Ms. X take his cock in her mouth with her moaning and sucking sounds. I take my hand and slowly move it towards my pussy. I start to rub my pussy and then my hand is slapped away. Mr. Y says don't touch your pussy that is ours to play with unless you are told other wise. Damn, that sucks but is so HOT at the same time. All of a sudden the noises stop, again.

I feel Ms. X's soft thighs around my face as she straddles my face. Mr. Y tells me not to move until told differently. Ms. X grinds her pussy on my face and lips. Her pussy juice is warm against my face. She grinds for a bit longer and then Mr. Y demands I eat her pussy. I open my mouth and my tongue starting flicking her clit Ms. X begins moaning as I devour her pussy. I feel Mr. Y take my legs up in the air and has Ms. X hold them there. Mr. Y takes his cock and rubs it from my clit to my ass. I flinched, it felt so good. Be still Mr. Y says firmly.

Mr. Y rams his cock into my pussy. I moan loudly, unexpectedly. He immediately removes his cock slaps my pussy and tells me to obey and be silent from now on!!!!! As I feel his cock against my pussy entrance I just grab a hold of Ms. X's clit with my mouth and suck it as hard as I can as he rams his cock back into my wet and hungry pussy. Ms. X gasps as she benefits from my silence and pleasure. I cum the first time within a minute of him penetrating me. My silence is wreaking havoc on Ms. X's pussy as she cums on my face. Mr. Y continues as my pussy walls just keep giving in to his cock. The more he makes me cum the more Ms. X cums on my face.

As Mr. Y continues he decides........

Monday, August 23, 2010

TMI Tuesday Submitting (part 2) to Ms. X & Mr. Y

But..... After tasting Ms. X off of Mr. Y fingers, soon you can hear Ms. X moan she is going to cum. Mr. Y is pumping her with all his might as her moans peak then she begins to calm down and she slows her breathing. I hear some shuffling and the presence of someone next to me is obvious. The smell of Ms. X is overpowering. I can hear some slight moaning and then I feel him brush up against my leg. The sound is familiar, he is slowly jerking off in front of me, I can hear him stroking, how hot is that? As Mr. Y continues stroking in front of me, my thoughts take over and I wonder where will he cum? Will he cum on my breasts, my face, will he make me open my mouth and make me swallow it (oh how I would love to taste him)???? Then all noises stop. I sit there patiently but impatiently. I feel each one grab an ankle as they spread my legs and tie them to the legs of the chair. Simultaneously, each of my breasts start being sucked on. I moan, and a stern voice tells me to be silent. Their hands are roaming my legs and my thighs. I am so hot and horny. Then in one single motion, Ms. X spreads my lips and rubs my clit as Mr. Y slips his fingers in my wet pussy. I begin to moan with pleasure. Again, I am told in a firm voice to be silent. How can I be silent when they are giving me such pleasure. Then I thought how hot it would be to cum with no sound, just the motions of my muscles contracting and body movements. They continue the assault on my pussy. I can't imagine anything better at this moment. I am told to close my mouth. I obey. Then I feel Mr. Y's wet fingers being pressed against my lips and I feel my warm juices. He dips his fingers back in my pussy and spreads more of my juices on my lips. The smell of my juices is so over-powering and sexy. Then I feel Ms. X's tongue start to lick my lips as she presses against my lips and we begin to kiss. Mr. Y begins to pump his fingers in me as Ms. X and I continue kissing. I am going to cum and he knows it. As long as Ms. X is kissing me the sounds of my orgasm will be muffled as he wanted me silent. My pussy walls start contracting as I begin to cum on his fingers. Ms. X grabs my face and pulls me in so close while her tongue is darting around in my mouth. I am gasping but my pussy is pulsating and so very wet. After I start to come down from my orgasm, I am untied. Oh I hope this isn't over, I want more, I need more. I don't dare speak as I believe I will be told to be silent again. They stand me up, I hear the chair being moved. I start feeling Mr. Y's cock and then his body press against me from behind. Ms. X begins to kiss me again and Mr. Y starts nibbling on my neck. This goes on for a few minutes and then I am turned around and moved until I am sitting on the bed, then I feel................... Happy TMI PY Check out my girls I know they will be playing, if they haven't already....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TMI Random--Just some questions

1. Name 3 ordinary items in the room that could be used sexually. I will never admit if I have ever used these things....WINK WINK 1. A candle 2. A flashlight 3. A water bottle 2. Do you consider sex good even if you don't orgasm? Considering there is only person I have had sex with where I didn't orgasm. It was weird and enjoyable but I wanted my "O", it wasn't like he had to work hard at it but he wasn't a hard So honestly no, because I can cum so easily. 3. If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what sexual position or act would you like to experience from the other side? I would absolutely have to have sex with a woman. Preferably, doggy style but interested in her being on top. 4. What is the first thing you notice about a member of the opposite sex? I notice their eyes. I love those cum fuck me eyes where you never have to say a word. Not feeling to hot but hate to disappoint......I will be back with my series next week. PY

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random Submitting #1 to Ms. X & Mr. Y

The evening was planned to see Mr. Y & Ms. X. We discussed meeting at a hotel bar for some drinks after work. Excited for something casual and relaxing with the two of them. We actually pull in the parking lot at almost the same time. We greet each other with hugs and proceed into the bar. After an hour of chatting and a round or two of drinks the flirting is evident and obvious between us. We decide that enjoying each others company for a while is the consensus. We grab our things and as we walk and talk I didn't notice we ended up in front of the elevator, until it dinged. They have gotten a room for us to rendezvous in, how exciting. The elevator doors close and Mr. Y comes up behind me and presses his body against mine. After going up a few floors Ms. X removes his tie and covers my eyes with it. As the elevator stops, I am being felt up all over my body by what feels like both of them. We stop and Ms. X kisses me passionately while Mr. Y is pressing his manhood against me from behind. I am ushered in the room and my clothes are immediately removed. I could feel hot breath against my skin in various places. Ms. X places her hands between my legs and rubs my pussy and Mr. Y grinds against me some more before sitting me in a chair. I can hear them kissing and some clothing coming off. My pussy wet from anticipation. All is quiet for a moment and I hear a slight moan from Mr. Y. The moans get louder and then I hear the sound of Mr. X sucking his cock. They are submitting me to the sounds of their pleasure. My pussy twitches with excitement. My hands immediately goes to my hungry clit and I hear a clear, but firm, do not touch yourself. WHAT???!!! OMG!!!! Oh my, my head is spinning. I want to see them and touch them or touch myself. I wonder how long I can stand this. I listen intently. His moans becoming louder. Then I hear shuffling. It's Ms. X's turn. Oh her moans are so soft and eager. I wonder what he is doing to her...Is he fucking her slowly, is he sucking on her breasts, is he eating her sweet tasting mind is racing with ALL these thoughts as my pussy aches to be touched. Then those delectable sounds begin, they are fucking. I can hear how wet her pussy is. There bodies crashing against one another. My mind starts he fucking her missionary, or my fav doggy style, is she riding him....Shit I just want to peek. The smell of their sex is filling the room. My pussy is so wet and hungry. All of a sudden he shoves his fingers in my mouth....mmmm that is Ms. X's juices I am being fed. Now I am so hungry for her pussy, the need to lick her clit and feel her thighs against my face is overwhelming. My nipples aching, my clit is engorged and I want to cum so bad........but Happy TMI PY

Sunday, August 8, 2010

And this is how it happened as it happened.....

I found the one, I wanted to watch....I click play She lay with her legs spread, naked. Her fingers automatically move to her pussy. I spread my lips and place BOB right against my clit and lean forward to feel some pressure. Now back to the show.... I watch her fingers start to work her clit. Not to fast or to slow, but enough to arouse me. Her breathing increases as she continues to rub her clit. I can feel my pussy getting wet. She starts moving her hips as she rubs slightly faster. I feel my clit start pushing against bob. I won't turn him on yet. Now she slips her finger in her pussy and brings it out to spread her wetness to her her pussy lips are all wet. My hips start pressing against bob, mmmm I am so horny. Thrusting my hips slowly. As I watch her rub her pussy some more, you can see her pussy is so wet. I wish I could just taste it. I turn BOB on its lowest speed. Oh damn my clit is so hungry. I turn it off quickly. My hips grind against BOB. I start moaning. mmmmm Her fingers just sliding all over her pussy lips. Nice and wet. Her moaning louder as she slowly finger fucks her pussy. I start moving my hips in the same rhythm as she is. Damn it is like we are there together. I rake my hand between my legs and my fingers slides all over my pussy. I thrust my clit against BOB harder as I turn up BOB to the next speed. Damn my pussy is aching. I love watching a woman rub her pussy just like i do. I take off my shirt exposing my breasts as I thrust faster on BOB. Watching my hard nipples as I ride BOB while sitting up and legs spread with one leg on the floor giving me more traction to thrust my pussy as BOB is pushed into my mattress. I grab my breast with my free hand. My body looks like I am riding a hard cock. Shit this feels good. I have been concentrating on my pussy for a moment and realized she is moaning much louder in the video, I turn up the volume. Her fingers rapidly fucking her wet pussy. I speed up my hip thrusts. Damn, I want to hang on longer but this feels so damn good. I lean back with both hands on the bed. I begin to rub BOB against my pussy as fast as she is finger fucking her beautifully shaved pussy. Every thrust now is with a purpose. Her moans take over as she begins to cum. My body is rocking back and forth as I turn BOB up to the highest speed. I can feel my orgasm building. My thighs are starting to tense up as the wave is moving up to my clit starts to quiver then my body just shakes in waves as I try and catch my breath, breasts heaving, and another wave crashes over me and another. Wow PY (It sure was hard to type as I started to cum)

Monday, August 2, 2010

TMI Tuesday The last time I......with/about a girl

The last time I kissed a girl was in my bedroom. There was a large get together and tons of people here. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in the doorway of my room. She looked at me and asked me what was going on. I pulled her close to me and I started to open my mouth to talk, but instead I moved in to kiss her. Our lips touched and oh did the sparks fly. The last time I heard a woman cum (not in a porno). She was being fucked doggy-style. Hearing his pelvis pump against her ass with every hard stroke was amazing. She was moaning and the thrusts were getting harder and harder. Then that sound of true excitement that happens a little unexpectedly.....the sounds of his cock and her sweet wet pussy just slipping and sliding in out of her. She can't deny how wet her pussy was you could hear it plain as day as he pumped her pussy harder. Knowing those sounds when I have them with a partner.....made me rub my clit faster. I knew listening to those sounds made me want to be the one underneath her licking her dripping pussy while he fucked her harder and made her cum over and over again. I came once rubbing my clit and I was so aroused by those fucking sounds that my arousal never subsided with my first orgasm, it just got stronger. I kept rubbing my pussy, soon I was dipping my fingers in my pussy every time he thrust his cock in her and my walls started to quiver again as he started to say he was going to cum. I came so hard my head and chest came off the bed as my body shook from the waves of the second orgasm....mmmmmm The last time I masturbated about a girl was Saturday. Watching a girl masturbate is one of my biggest turn-ons. As well the openness of some female's sexuality just makes me so wet between the legs. This particular time I was looking for a woman (On a porn site) in thigh highs and heels. Watching a woman work her lips with her hand and rolling her fingers around her clit as she brings herself to orgasm...whew Just makes me put my hand between en my legs and rub my pussy. Feeling my engorged clit as I hear her moaning, I grabbed my bullet and placed it on my clit. Gasping because it felt so good, I turned it up as she starting bucking her hips and moaning louder.....she starts to say she is cumming and that was the key phrase. I started to cum with her. Her moans and breath so rapid, soon we were in sync with our breathing trying to calm down.