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Monday, August 2, 2010

TMI Tuesday The last time I......with/about a girl

The last time I kissed a girl was in my bedroom. There was a large get together and tons of people here. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in the doorway of my room. She looked at me and asked me what was going on. I pulled her close to me and I started to open my mouth to talk, but instead I moved in to kiss her. Our lips touched and oh did the sparks fly. The last time I heard a woman cum (not in a porno). She was being fucked doggy-style. Hearing his pelvis pump against her ass with every hard stroke was amazing. She was moaning and the thrusts were getting harder and harder. Then that sound of true excitement that happens a little unexpectedly.....the sounds of his cock and her sweet wet pussy just slipping and sliding in out of her. She can't deny how wet her pussy was you could hear it plain as day as he pumped her pussy harder. Knowing those sounds when I have them with a partner.....made me rub my clit faster. I knew listening to those sounds made me want to be the one underneath her licking her dripping pussy while he fucked her harder and made her cum over and over again. I came once rubbing my clit and I was so aroused by those fucking sounds that my arousal never subsided with my first orgasm, it just got stronger. I kept rubbing my pussy, soon I was dipping my fingers in my pussy every time he thrust his cock in her and my walls started to quiver again as he started to say he was going to cum. I came so hard my head and chest came off the bed as my body shook from the waves of the second orgasm....mmmmmm The last time I masturbated about a girl was Saturday. Watching a girl masturbate is one of my biggest turn-ons. As well the openness of some female's sexuality just makes me so wet between the legs. This particular time I was looking for a woman (On a porn site) in thigh highs and heels. Watching a woman work her lips with her hand and rolling her fingers around her clit as she brings herself to orgasm...whew Just makes me put my hand between en my legs and rub my pussy. Feeling my engorged clit as I hear her moaning, I grabbed my bullet and placed it on my clit. Gasping because it felt so good, I turned it up as she starting bucking her hips and moaning louder.....she starts to say she is cumming and that was the key phrase. I started to cum with her. Her moans and breath so rapid, soon we were in sync with our breathing trying to calm down.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Hot! As usual. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sexy reading about you listening/watching a porno of a woman masturbating.

I'd like to watch you.


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Anonymous said...

damn thats just frickin hot right there.