Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year TMI Tuesday

Top 5 sexual things or toys you want to start the New Year with (Aside from all those sexy bloggers I mentioned last week that I want to be naked with)???

#1. I have been thinking about one of those vibrators that you wear on your clit, anywhere!!!! I think those are called butterfly vibs????

#2. I watched a porn the other day while feeding my need to watch a woman masturbate and have a great orgasm as well. This lady was using one of those vibrators that has rabbit ears to stimulate the clit as well as a portion to penetrate with at the same time. This is out of the ordinary for me since I am mostly in to clitoral stimulation when masturbating.

#3. I want some super sexy lingerie that I would love to wear and seduce some unsuspecting man or woman!!

#4. I would love to get some sexy photos done of myself.

Bonus--New Years fantasy involving one of the sexual things or toys?
I finally get one of those vibs that attaches on to my clit. I put it on and go to dinner with friends. I randomly turn it on to keep the smile going on my face. It was finally time to cum and I knew I could not keep my composure at the table. I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. As I passed by the mirror I could see my nipples protruding from my shirt. I smiles with approval as I get myself a bit comfy and wait for everyone to leave the bathroom. I start it back up again and close my eyes and let the vibrations just roll over my clit. I started to cum very hard grabbing on to the door handle to stay in place.

Anyone want to cum with me????? I know you want to......

Happy New Year TMI


Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas TMI Tuesday--Bloggers I want to do naughty things to.....

I would love to see if you know who you may be on my list?????

Name 3-5 things you would do to 5 (In no specific order) different blogger's on xmas.

Blogger #1--You are incredibly sexy.
1. I want to taste your juices so bad
2. I want to do a three way with you--any combination
3. I want to fist you and make you cum

Blogger #2--The naughty things I think about you.
1. I want to dominate you and see if you really like it.
2. I want you to fuck me anally
3. I want to masturbate with your face inches away from my pussy.
4. I want to penetrate you anally and make you cum

Blogger #3--If I had the chance to be with you both, I would be in heaven.
1. I would greet you with a very long passionate kiss
2. I would devour her pussy for as long as she could stand it.
3. I can't wait to taste her pussy juices off your cock
4. I want to suck her clit while you fuck her slowly
5. I want to milk you like no one has

Blogger #4--I am very curious about you.
1. I want to experience being dominated by you
2. I want to masturbate and feed you my fingers
3. I want to dominate you and see your reaction

Blogger #5--You have some alternative fantasies, but I am still supportive.
1. I would clamp your nipples and balls together so you could feel every movement
2. I want to blindfold you and fuck you with a strap-on
3. I want to watch you suck another mans cock

Obviously, I couldn't do this without my pussy getting soaked.......I need to cum!

Happy TMI

Monday, December 13, 2010

TMI Random Q&A

If someone shoves you up against a wall, grabs your hair and starts kissing you, what's your reaction?
Damn, that is HOT. Then my pussy gets wet and I want it right then and there.

Tell us about your last lover?
My last lover was incredible. It went on for over five years. He knew every spot. He loved my body. There was never a time where he would let me leave any clothing on, that made me feel sexy as hell. He knew every time I had an orgasm and he knew what to do to make me cum over and over again.

Stubble, good or bad?
Stubble is sexy as hell. I love the scratchiness as it rubs up against my pussy while he is eating me. It can make me squirm in a good way. I must confess the next day can be a little sore but that is the price you pay for the good stuff.

What part of your body, other than your genitals, do you love to have touched? What part of a partner's body, other than their genitals, do you love to touch?
Me--I love to kiss and have my neck touched, nibbled on, kissed and lips brushed against lightly feeling your breath.
Man--I love to touch a mans chest and arms when they are over me.
Woman--I love to touch a womans thighs--damn they are soft and they lead to the sweetest spot on earth.

What is the first thing you notice about females and males?
Hands down the look that says "Cum fuck me" and no words are spoken.
Females--A smile will catch my eye or a voluptuous woman with great curves.
Men--His presence and confidence always makes my head turn.

Happy TMI naughty bloggers

Monday, December 6, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random---Limits

Questions from the sexy and naughty

As some of you naughty readers would be surprised to know, I do have some

What would you never do?
I hate to say I would never do something, but, I could never, ever do scat or golden showers. There are some things you don't share on purpose!!! LOL

What might you possibly do if you actually saw it performed right in front of you?
I have been on the fence with fisting and curious to know that if I saw it being done close up or tried it on someone if it would become truly erotic and make me wet.

What do you want to try as you like the idea if it?
1st--I want to dress up in a black corset, black stockings, black heels and a long black whip. I want the man on his hands and knees and I want him to do as he is told.
Dressing up and acting as a Dominatrix is so sexual arousing. I want to tease him, tease me and this would probably lead to me milking this man and making him cum so hard.
2nd-DP is something I want to try. I can't imagine cumming with holes full.

What did you try and now love?
Anal sex. I do not want to do it on a daily basis but I love to be pounded hard and the orgasms are truly devine.
Also FMF. I knew I was Bi, but wasn't sure this combination would be fulfilling. It has become more fulfilling than I could ever imagine. I am waiting to be fulfilled again!!!!

What did you try and didn't like?
This may sound strange to some of you but MMF. I would not be opposed to trying it one more time but it did not score high on my list.

Happy TMI my naughty bloggers