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Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas TMI Tuesday--Bloggers I want to do naughty things to.....

I would love to see if you know who you may be on my list?????

Name 3-5 things you would do to 5 (In no specific order) different blogger's on xmas.

Blogger #1--You are incredibly sexy.
1. I want to taste your juices so bad
2. I want to do a three way with you--any combination
3. I want to fist you and make you cum

Blogger #2--The naughty things I think about you.
1. I want to dominate you and see if you really like it.
2. I want you to fuck me anally
3. I want to masturbate with your face inches away from my pussy.
4. I want to penetrate you anally and make you cum

Blogger #3--If I had the chance to be with you both, I would be in heaven.
1. I would greet you with a very long passionate kiss
2. I would devour her pussy for as long as she could stand it.
3. I can't wait to taste her pussy juices off your cock
4. I want to suck her clit while you fuck her slowly
5. I want to milk you like no one has

Blogger #4--I am very curious about you.
1. I want to experience being dominated by you
2. I want to masturbate and feed you my fingers
3. I want to dominate you and see your reaction

Blogger #5--You have some alternative fantasies, but I am still supportive.
1. I would clamp your nipples and balls together so you could feel every movement
2. I want to blindfold you and fuck you with a strap-on
3. I want to watch you suck another mans cock

Obviously, I couldn't do this without my pussy getting soaked.......I need to cum!

Happy TMI


hornynecouple said...

OOHH OHHH! #3, #3!!! Thats us!!! :)

heelsnstocking said...

I think I might be number 1 or maybe 2?

(fingers crossed and optimistic) (and wet at the prospect)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Everyone's going to cum from this Christmas action! Merry Christmas!!!! ;-)

H said...

Am I number 2? or am I all of them ;)

Anonymous said...

Very hot list!
Not sure, but I have a feeling I might be #5. That makes me feel very dirty in a good way ;)

Anonymous said...

*clears throat*

Whew! You are one horny lady :D

I think #1 is HnS.

Happy TMI.