Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can You? Will You?

A sexy man, a spontaneous man, a man who knows his sexuality, a man not afraid to use his muscles to get what he wants..... I need a man to take me and make me his for hours...Where are you?? Can you handle me?? Do you have the desire to want me and take me??? How far are you willing to go?? Let's see..... I walk in and there is a scent in the air, a manly scent....He is here!! My body shivers with goosebumps of anticipation. He walks up looking at me longingly, he grabs my hair turns my head and kisses me, kisses me hard. I moan. His free hand grabs my ass as he pulls me in close. His semi-hard cock pressing against me. Oh how I want him inside me. He releases me long enough to grab my hand and lead me to the bedroom. As we approach the door way he grabs me and kisses me again. And he asks me to close my eyes. I close my eyes with anticipation. We take a few steps and he starts to undress me, brushing his hands over my nipples. Feeling his breath on my skin as more clothing disappears. He sits me on the bed and has me scoot back in the center. He directs me to spread my arms and legs apart. He places a blindfold over my eyes..Oh this is going to be HOT. He grabs my hands and ties them together. He makes me lay there for a moment. Then slowly a hand starts caressing my body and then another. I moan. He says he wants me to pleasure myself while he watches......oh my. I take my tied hands and start rubbing my lips. I spread my lips and find my slightly engorged clit. I can hear him moan as he watches me. I rub my clit faster and faster as I moan deeper. My pussy hungry for more attention. He climbs between my legs as I masturbate for him. Feeling his breath on my inner thigh. Suddenly he thrusts two fingers in my pussy and starts to feverishly finger fuck me. I cum almost instantly. Then he shoves his fingers in my mouth and I suck them clean. He tells me to get on all fours. All of a sudden the sting on my ass cheek is undeniable. He has brought out the paddle. The sting of pain and pleasure are ripe in the air. He paddles my ass again a little harder this time and again and again. He pulls me to the end of the bed and I feel his hard cock enter me. He is penetrating me ever so slowly, teasing me to no end. I beg him to fuck me harder. He keeps going at the same slow pace. Every time he thrusts in me deep, my ass cheek stings a little when our skin is in contact. He pulls out and grabs me by the hair making me stand up. He pushes me face first against the wall, the cold from the wall making my nipples protrude even more, as he spreads my cheeks and enters my dripping wet pussy again. This time with a little more force..mmmmmm Moaning loudly. I can feel he is rock hard with every thrust. He abruptly stops. My breathing beginning to slow as seconds turn into minutes. Then there are hands around my hips guiding me to turn around and walk a few paces. Then he pushes my head my down until I am on my knees. He grabs my hands, which are still tied together and places his cock in my hands. I start stroking his cock. He is moaning every so softly. He doesn't want me to know how much he is enjoying this hand job. I continue stroking his cock as he gets harder in my hands. He makes me stop...... Then his cock is brushed up against my lips, I open my mouth eagerly. Slowly sucking on his hard cock from the tip to his balls. Taking his balls in my mouth and sucking slightly. I worship his cock with my mouth up and down, up and down. Now, he wants me on the bed, on my back..... He raises my tied hands in the air then he slips one ankle then two in between the rope....Leaving my pussy exposed for his pleasure. He rubs my clit just long enough for me to start moaning. Then he enters me with one full HARD thrust, I gasp, oh my god I yelp. And with no other warning he pulls out just as fast. My pussy is aching now, I need him, I want him!!!! Again with one full HARD thrust he penetrates my eager pussy and he doesn't stop. He fucks my pussy with a vengeance. I am moaning so loud as he fucks me Hard and fast. I begin to feels my walls quake with pleasure....He knows I am cumming and he just continues with reckless abandonment. With each pounding stroke my pussy gives in to the pleasure his cock is giving me. I can't help but cum again and again. Then he stops.....Removes my ankles from the rope with my hands. He puts my legs over his shoulders and holds my hands down and once again he takes my pussy like he owns it and fucks me hard. My pussy is so wet and can do nothing but cum with every few strokes. His moans are louder and louder then with one last forceful thrust, he pulls out and his hot cum starts splashing all over my tits. He collapses next to me, spent!

Monday, May 24, 2010

TMI Tuesday RandomThreesomes Facts

1. I have been in a few threesomes and stamina from the man is the most important. The orgasms just flow like water and the positions are endless. 2. Currently there is a couple I WANT to devour and have a threesome with (You two know who you are.) They both are sexy, hot, open, and honest. Damn it's time for a roadtrip!! **wink** 3. In a threesome I love when the woman participates. I love it when the man can be a bit aggressive and talk dirty. 4. Being able to tie up or blindfold one party of the couple is HOT. Having two people touching and teasing someone is erotic. Watching them squirm and not letting them touch you. 5. I have had one MMF threesome and I didn't like it (I know ladies don't give me to much crap about it). My favorite threesome is FFM. I like being able to have that sensual side of a woman and that ruggedness of a man to bang the bottom out of my pussy. This is the best of both worlds for me. I have thought about doing a MMF threesome again but only if the MM parts are bi. It is interesting to think of everyone being penetrated at the same time. Happy TMI

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Those sexy people....

There are people who come into your life and they touch your heart but....What about those sexy men and sexy women who cum into your life and you just want them. You just want to touch them, taste them, feel their orgasm in you, on you, and because of you. That hunger of wanting them makes your imagination go awry. I need it and I want it, an orgasm. I want to cum, damn it!!! This naughty need to touch my own body and feel it in my hands when I have the least opportunity. (I am stuck in a place where big brother is watching so to speak.) The eagerness to roll my clit between my fingers and to finger my pussy deep with all I have. I can't make this feeling go away. The sexy ones who tease you with their hunger for you, fantasies (I mean they are HOT), and pictures (that just make you want them more). My pussy needs release, I need to receive pleasure that I hunger for. These are times when I wish I had a SILENT vibrator (I still couldn't cum without being caught). If I could I would spread my legs in this bed and start exploring my pussy lips. The softness when shaven clean. Taking one finger over my slit I know I would graze my clit since I know it is protruding aching to be touched. I would work my finger back down to my wet hole. Swirling my finger in my sweet juices and slowly running my wet finger over my clit making it all wet. The moans would be deep and longing. Running my finger back down to my HOT wet hole I plunge my finger in deep (gasping). Bringing my finger out and slipping two fingers in this time. Not able to keep my hips on the bed. My body thrusting against my fingers. I reach over and grab my dildo. I thrush it in me hard. Bring it out slow and fuck my pussy as if someone else was fucking me with it!! Anyone want to make me cum????? PY

Monday, May 17, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random Masturbation Facts

1. I prefer to masturbate in bed...but the shower is second best. 2. I have masturbated while listening to a friend get fucked (If they are being loud enough so I can hear then I will listen). The sounds of real sex makes it so much hotter. 3. I have never masturbated on cam or video (I don't own either). 4. I had a partner that I would've rather masturbated then have him touch me. That's a big deal considering I would rather be fucked then masturbate. 5. Watching a woman masturbate is one of the biggest turn-ons for me. Seeing her work her clit and moaning with hips thrusting....yum Bonus: Right now I would love to lay back on the bed and start sliding my dildo in and out of my pussy while someone watched me in the doorway----Is that you???

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hot and Bothered--Release

As I stated this past weekend I was incredibly horny and had company at my house. I did manage to get some time to myself. Although it looked a bit strange, I went back to the bathroom to shower (again). I walked in the bathroom and I immediately reached in to turn the shower water on as I took my other hand and rubbed my pussy over my pants. I went and stood in front of the mirror and took off my shirt. Grabbing my breasts over my black lacy bra. I released my large breasts (I think you've seen them) **wink** Wanna grab em??? I took my pants off...oops No panties there. I spread my legs and reached my hand down over my entire pussy and feeling the heat. Damn I was really already wet--moaning silently. Wanna feel my wet pussy? Wanna taste it?? I hopped in the shower and lucky me I have a massaging shower head. I leaned back on the cold tile and pushed my pussy forward. I grabbed my pussy lips and spread them open and grabbed the shower head and put it on massage. As the water pressure hit my clit I let out a moan (someone may have heard me) but at that point I didn't care. My pussy was getting some hot attention. The vibration from the water penetrating my pussy was making my clit dance. I was breathing heavy and writhing against the tile which was no longer cold against my back. I moved the water and ran my hand between my lips and dipped my middle finger in my wet pussy....moaning pumping my finger in and out a few times. I moved the shower head back over my pussy, my clit aching from the pressure of the water. My legs getting weak, I am getting close to cumming. My pussy moving back and forth over the massaging water letting the water move across my clit up and down as if I was rubbing it. I was gyrating my pussy over the water as my orgasm began to build. I took my other hand and sank two fingers in my pussy as the water worked my clit like a genius. My legs got weak and the walls of my pussy started to grip my fingers. I started cumming so hard and so body started shaking as the waves rolled over me. I want to thank those of you who offered suggestions as to what they do in their time of need with company close by. Let's go take a shower..... PY

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random Facts

1. Being spanked while Doggy Style gets me so wet! 2. I watch porn most of time when I want to get off! 3. One time five years ago I met someone online and we met within a couple of hours and I fucked him ALL night long!! That was the first and last time I did that. Not that it wasn't good but I know that wasn't safe!!! 4. I have found that having sex while under the influence is fantastic. Just some examples....I have gotten naked on a deck and while he ate me good, I have been fucked over a motorcycle in a driveway with nothing blocking us in a nice sub-division, and I picked up my first girl at a bar, took her home and had her naked before we went upstairs. 5. I have called in to work and said I was going to be late because my car wouldn't start but really I was getting my pussy drilled during lunch and didn't want to leave yet. Have a HOT horny day PY

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hot and Bothered

Family visiting....but at the store right now so I was able to sneak on and read and oogle some pics for a quick moment....and damn you all got my juices flowing. What's a horny lady to do?????? Well, I think it is going to be HOT trying to sneak in an orgasm. I hear a car pulling up..... Sweet Hot Thoughts PY

TMI Tuesday #228 (rewind)

TMI Tuesday #228 1. For self-arousal, if you could reach any part of your body with your mouth, which part would you like to reach and why? I would like to reach my clit. I wonder if I would enjoy pleasing myself in such a manner. 2. If you reached that part of your body, how often and how long would you want to stay there? If it was a pleasurable experience then I would for at least an hour a few times in the day if I was that horny. 3. If the opportunity arose, what would you like to do to someone else that you have never been game to try before? Be a Dom one time all dressed in leather and fuck me leather boots. Nothing degrading but just doing everything to me or someone else with no questions asked. 4. You have been selected to swap one of your organs with another member of the opposite sex. What would you swap and why? Who would you choose as the organ donor? Oh, I absolutely would want a penis!!!! I want to know what it feels like to have the walls of a tight pussy consume my penis and cum on it. The ability to feel the opposite side of doggy style and her to ride me and rock my world and of course feel a BJ. I am curious about their orgasm since ours is internal and theirs is external. 5. Overnight you have a beauty sleep and inexplicably awaken at dawn having now turned into the most beautiful person on the planet. What would you do differently for the next 24 hours? Absolutely nothing! I have learned it is whats inside and attitude that will make a difference. Beauty is NOT everything!!! Bonus Question: You are noticed by a talent scout and invited to star in your own x-rated movie for world wide distribution. You are asked to write the plot. Describe your movie plot in one sentence of no more than 20 words. Myself with two guys that were up for ANYTHING. That means giving and receiving from a woman and a man.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

HNT-Provoked by HOT email

I hope every one has a Hot HNT. I will go by and catch up tonight after work. Hope you ALL enjoy what you see and have naughty thoughts to share, I welcome ALL of those thoughts. HHNT Go check 'em out

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random Sexual Facts She inspired this post. I do like the variation. Everyone, here are five sexual facts for you to enjoy or ponder: 1. I LOVE being penetrated hard whether it is with a toy, a dildo, or nice HARD cock. 2. When I masturbate 75% of the time it is just clitoral stimulation with my hand, 20% is with my vibrator and 5% is with my dildo. 3. I love to look back and think of some things I said I would NEVER do that I completely enjoy today. Anal and blow jobs. 4. I have not been blindfolded enough. 5. Sub or Dom. Sub--I don't think I could ever be a sub at least not at this time in my life. Dom--Is intriguing and I think I have a quality or two that I could enjoy but just the mutual exchange of the act is incredibly HOT. I don't want one person to have total control of the situation. Questions are welcome.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fantasy and masturbation

I would like to thank those who put suggestions on my last post. Something sexy will arrive in your inbox soon. **wink** This morning proved to be HOT and WET...wish you were here!!! First thing when I woke up I was wet and hungry for an orgasm. Hungry to share it with someone but I was alone....I lit a candle (it was still dark out). I skipped over to my special place for my toys. My hand was not going to be enough today. So my vibrator and one of my dildos were going to get a work out. I removed my boxers and let the heat escape. Laying back on my bed I slowly spread my legs. I ran my hands across my thighs and up to my ample breasts. I removed my t-shirt laying there naked. I closed my eyes and let my imagination take over. She rounded the corner in a sexy black laced up corset and a black thong, he was wearing boxers and you could already see a slight hardness building. I wanted to taste her first. She was clean shaven and had soft skin. Since I was already laying back I asked her to sit on my face. I moved her thong to the side. I admired her sweet lips and I could smell that sweet smell that drives me wild about a woman just before I taste heaven against my lips. I kissed her lips first, just to hear a slight moan. I took my tongue and parted her lips, exposing her clit and tight pussy. Oh my she tasted better than I had imagined. My tongue began swirling her clit slowly, I wanted to enjoy this as long as I could. My hands worked their way to her ass as she started to grind on my tongue. She was getting wetter and wetter the more I licked. Now that her clit was slightly engorged I began to slightly suck it, grabbing her ass to push her harder on my face. She was moaning. He finally took his place on the bed. He went right between my legs to my wet pussy. He began just rubbing my pussy from top to bottom. I started to moan. Now she began riding my face, my tongue working on her clit as she rode faster. His hands went from rubbing to spreading my lips exposing my wetness, he slowly licked my entire pussy. Teasing me with every lick. I reached up to play with her nipples, rolling them between my fingers they were rock hard. I could tell she was about to cum all over my face. I grabbed her ass and started to move her across my face in a steady pace, her legs were shaking as she started cum...moaning yes yes. She climbed off my face and I was licking my lips savoring the taste. As she lay next to me he begins slipping a finger in my wet pussy as he sucked on my clit. My hips bucking up to receive his finger deep in me and pushing my pussy hard on his face. I want to cum but he stops. Now I am wet and my pussy needed some attention. I grabbed my dildo and rubbed it over my pussy until my lips naturally opened from my engorged clit and slid it right in my wet pussy. Starting slow to enjoy every inch I could take. MMMMMM it's been awhile since I enjoyed my dildo. I could feel I was incredibly wet but I wanted to fuck my pussy for a while since I craved a slow fuck today. I closed my eyes to continue with my fantasy. He climbed up on top of me and asked me what I wanted as he pressed his cock against me, letting me know he was hard. (I love it when that happens). I asked him to lay on his back and I wanted to watch her suck his cock. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked him like a pro. She licked him up and down. I leaned over him dangling my DD's in his mouth. Now his cock was rock hard and I wanted to feel him inside me. I whispered to him to fuck me and fuck me hard....his eyes lit up. I got on my hands and knees, waiting for his thick cock to penetrate my walls. In keeping with the story I got on my knees, careful not to let my dildo slip out. Damn there was a slight wet spot on the sheets...I knew I was so deserving of this slow fuck. As I closed my eyes again I held the dildo steady as to simulate his first thrust in my wet pussy. I let out a moan......OMG. He filled up my pussy so perfectly. I motioned to her to come lay in front of me. I needed to taste her again. She spread her legs and I went to town on her pussy. She was thrusting into my face and she tasted so good. I told him fuck me harder....the harder he thrust into me the harder my face pressed into her pussy. It was a total moaning fest at that time. I knew I was going to cum, I yelled I am going to cum and at that moment she took her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face back into her pussy.....DAMN I moaned all over her pussy as I came. Then I had him get between her legs and begin to fuck her already wet pussy. I moved around so I could still play with her clit. I loved watching him fuck her, his cock going in and out of her pussy, my fingers rubbing her clit. Her legs begin to shake as she starts to cum. He rode the wave with his cock as her pussy gripped his cock while he still thrust in and out of her. Then I could think of nothing but tasting her off of his cock. I threw him back on the bed and sucked every ounce of pussy juice off his cock. Damn together they tasted so good. By this time she joined me in sucking his cock as we awaited his hot cum. He started to moan he was cumming and our tongues were out to catch it all. In the meantime I have moved myself on my side to get another angle to fuck myself with. I knew I was growing close and wasn't sure how much longer I could hang on....It was now that I rolled on my back and grabbed my bullet vib and placed it on my clit. I turned up the vib and slowly fucked my pussy. My pussy started to cum as my muscles gripped my dildo and the vib assaulted my clit....I was in ecstasy cumming and cumming, my legs shaking, heavy breathing, my heart beating so hard.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Damn those were the days...and a naughty request

I have noticed in the past few weeks I have become a little more feisty than usual. There are some naughty folks out there that are making me think about sex even more than I usually do!!! I have had some experience with couples and man can I say WOW. Having some sweet lady to wrap her thighs around your head and a man to bang the bottom out of my pussy as well as hers. The taste of her on your lips....mmmmm Watching her with her vibrator on her clit and being able to finger her pussy until she cums all over your hand and sticking your fingers in his mouth. DAMN, I am missing that right now. I have to admit that one couple had a man with stamina, I mean stamina!!!!! I mean hours and hours. He had enough for both of us. We met pretty regularly for a while then life got in the way. I have only met ONE other man (not sure if he had a name, lol)who did that to me and it was on my (30th) birthday a few years ago. I have to admit that I missed the majority of my birthday party that night.....however, a man who wanted to bang the bottom out of this pussy was just what a girl needed that night. After my birthday I actually had to have some time to heal. It hurt to sit, walk, and I have never CUM so much in my life. This man, maybe he was a boy (19) went for 7 hours. I mean constant pumping of my pussy walls. **drooling** We stopped one time to go up and get a drink only to find out that every had left. We went right back down and I assumed the doggy-style position for all it was worth. Damn I am getting wet just thinking about it and you know what that means bloggers...a masturbation post is soon to follow. Anyone want to watch??? Anyone want me to do something and tell you about it??? How about a toy or vibrator?? How about some kind of porn??? Cum on bloggers make this orgasm a good one.. I promise to tell all, maybe a photo if I could swing it. Well I will wait as patiently as I can....................... Have a naughty weekend