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Saturday, May 8, 2010

TMI Tuesday #228 (rewind)

TMI Tuesday #228 1. For self-arousal, if you could reach any part of your body with your mouth, which part would you like to reach and why? I would like to reach my clit. I wonder if I would enjoy pleasing myself in such a manner. 2. If you reached that part of your body, how often and how long would you want to stay there? If it was a pleasurable experience then I would for at least an hour a few times in the day if I was that horny. 3. If the opportunity arose, what would you like to do to someone else that you have never been game to try before? Be a Dom one time all dressed in leather and fuck me leather boots. Nothing degrading but just doing everything to me or someone else with no questions asked. 4. You have been selected to swap one of your organs with another member of the opposite sex. What would you swap and why? Who would you choose as the organ donor? Oh, I absolutely would want a penis!!!! I want to know what it feels like to have the walls of a tight pussy consume my penis and cum on it. The ability to feel the opposite side of doggy style and her to ride me and rock my world and of course feel a BJ. I am curious about their orgasm since ours is internal and theirs is external. 5. Overnight you have a beauty sleep and inexplicably awaken at dawn having now turned into the most beautiful person on the planet. What would you do differently for the next 24 hours? Absolutely nothing! I have learned it is whats inside and attitude that will make a difference. Beauty is NOT everything!!! Bonus Question: You are noticed by a talent scout and invited to star in your own x-rated movie for world wide distribution. You are asked to write the plot. Describe your movie plot in one sentence of no more than 20 words. Myself with two guys that were up for ANYTHING. That means giving and receiving from a woman and a man.

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