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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random Facts

1. Being spanked while Doggy Style gets me so wet! 2. I watch porn most of time when I want to get off! 3. One time five years ago I met someone online and we met within a couple of hours and I fucked him ALL night long!! That was the first and last time I did that. Not that it wasn't good but I know that wasn't safe!!! 4. I have found that having sex while under the influence is fantastic. Just some examples....I have gotten naked on a deck and while he ate me good, I have been fucked over a motorcycle in a driveway with nothing blocking us in a nice sub-division, and I picked up my first girl at a bar, took her home and had her naked before we went upstairs. 5. I have called in to work and said I was going to be late because my car wouldn't start but really I was getting my pussy drilled during lunch and didn't want to leave yet. Have a HOT horny day PY


Florida Dom said...

Another good sexy post. What was it like for you being with a woman? And have you done that again?

And so doggy style spankings are better for you than OTK?

Do you want regular porn or sparking porn?

Do you cum virtually every day?


Gray said...

Oooo Yes I love these. I adore #1 too.;)