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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fantasy and masturbation

I would like to thank those who put suggestions on my last post. Something sexy will arrive in your inbox soon. **wink** This morning proved to be HOT and WET...wish you were here!!! First thing when I woke up I was wet and hungry for an orgasm. Hungry to share it with someone but I was alone....I lit a candle (it was still dark out). I skipped over to my special place for my toys. My hand was not going to be enough today. So my vibrator and one of my dildos were going to get a work out. I removed my boxers and let the heat escape. Laying back on my bed I slowly spread my legs. I ran my hands across my thighs and up to my ample breasts. I removed my t-shirt laying there naked. I closed my eyes and let my imagination take over. She rounded the corner in a sexy black laced up corset and a black thong, he was wearing boxers and you could already see a slight hardness building. I wanted to taste her first. She was clean shaven and had soft skin. Since I was already laying back I asked her to sit on my face. I moved her thong to the side. I admired her sweet lips and I could smell that sweet smell that drives me wild about a woman just before I taste heaven against my lips. I kissed her lips first, just to hear a slight moan. I took my tongue and parted her lips, exposing her clit and tight pussy. Oh my she tasted better than I had imagined. My tongue began swirling her clit slowly, I wanted to enjoy this as long as I could. My hands worked their way to her ass as she started to grind on my tongue. She was getting wetter and wetter the more I licked. Now that her clit was slightly engorged I began to slightly suck it, grabbing her ass to push her harder on my face. She was moaning. He finally took his place on the bed. He went right between my legs to my wet pussy. He began just rubbing my pussy from top to bottom. I started to moan. Now she began riding my face, my tongue working on her clit as she rode faster. His hands went from rubbing to spreading my lips exposing my wetness, he slowly licked my entire pussy. Teasing me with every lick. I reached up to play with her nipples, rolling them between my fingers they were rock hard. I could tell she was about to cum all over my face. I grabbed her ass and started to move her across my face in a steady pace, her legs were shaking as she started cum...moaning yes yes. She climbed off my face and I was licking my lips savoring the taste. As she lay next to me he begins slipping a finger in my wet pussy as he sucked on my clit. My hips bucking up to receive his finger deep in me and pushing my pussy hard on his face. I want to cum but he stops. Now I am wet and my pussy needed some attention. I grabbed my dildo and rubbed it over my pussy until my lips naturally opened from my engorged clit and slid it right in my wet pussy. Starting slow to enjoy every inch I could take. MMMMMM it's been awhile since I enjoyed my dildo. I could feel I was incredibly wet but I wanted to fuck my pussy for a while since I craved a slow fuck today. I closed my eyes to continue with my fantasy. He climbed up on top of me and asked me what I wanted as he pressed his cock against me, letting me know he was hard. (I love it when that happens). I asked him to lay on his back and I wanted to watch her suck his cock. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked him like a pro. She licked him up and down. I leaned over him dangling my DD's in his mouth. Now his cock was rock hard and I wanted to feel him inside me. I whispered to him to fuck me and fuck me hard....his eyes lit up. I got on my hands and knees, waiting for his thick cock to penetrate my walls. In keeping with the story I got on my knees, careful not to let my dildo slip out. Damn there was a slight wet spot on the sheets...I knew I was so deserving of this slow fuck. As I closed my eyes again I held the dildo steady as to simulate his first thrust in my wet pussy. I let out a moan......OMG. He filled up my pussy so perfectly. I motioned to her to come lay in front of me. I needed to taste her again. She spread her legs and I went to town on her pussy. She was thrusting into my face and she tasted so good. I told him fuck me harder....the harder he thrust into me the harder my face pressed into her pussy. It was a total moaning fest at that time. I knew I was going to cum, I yelled I am going to cum and at that moment she took her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face back into her pussy.....DAMN I moaned all over her pussy as I came. Then I had him get between her legs and begin to fuck her already wet pussy. I moved around so I could still play with her clit. I loved watching him fuck her, his cock going in and out of her pussy, my fingers rubbing her clit. Her legs begin to shake as she starts to cum. He rode the wave with his cock as her pussy gripped his cock while he still thrust in and out of her. Then I could think of nothing but tasting her off of his cock. I threw him back on the bed and sucked every ounce of pussy juice off his cock. Damn together they tasted so good. By this time she joined me in sucking his cock as we awaited his hot cum. He started to moan he was cumming and our tongues were out to catch it all. In the meantime I have moved myself on my side to get another angle to fuck myself with. I knew I was growing close and wasn't sure how much longer I could hang on....It was now that I rolled on my back and grabbed my bullet vib and placed it on my clit. I turned up the vib and slowly fucked my pussy. My pussy started to cum as my muscles gripped my dildo and the vib assaulted my clit....I was in ecstasy cumming and cumming, my legs shaking, heavy breathing, my heart beating so hard.


hornynecouple said...

mmmmm i know someone who owns a black corest... hmmmmm? :)

Anonymous said...

Sign me up!

That sounds delicious!

Leonhart said...

Wow, so much of this to enjoy.

Your fantasy threesome was particularly well worked out - I liked the detail of you coming and the woman forcing your moan into her pussy. And then the finish off, with both of you sucking the cock awaiting his orgasm. . .


Florida Dom said...

Loved your story. What a great masturbation fantasy. Are you going to share some pictures?

And how about a bondage fantasy. Tie a rope around your breasts very tightly. Put clamps on your nipples. Hang weights from the clamps. Then a crotch rope that goes through your slit and tie a knot in your slit so every move turns you on. Then ties your ankles to the side of the bed and do a fantasy about two men are putting you in bondage and then put a vibe to your clit and imagine they're doing it. And then they both make you give them a BJ and come all over your face.

Hope that is a turnon for you.


Anonymous said...

Delicious baby...yum!!