Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Thursday, December 31, 2009

HNT Favorite

This one was my favorites because of the leather and damn my tits looked great. At least I think they looked great???!!! Check out the following to see more sexy people....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

HNT--Wishes (late)

I will say first I do not have a pic to post this week due to some personal/family tragedy....But I must wish some HNTers some love (a little late) Hubman--You have a fantastic blog that is so versatile. You and your wife are extremely HOT. You definitely know how to take a great picture. Gray--You have an amazing way with words. I am always eager to read your stories and it can be a bonus when I get all hot and bothered to boot....**wink** Sage--You rock!! You are not afraid to say what is on your mind. You are very funny as well. Keep up the good work everyone....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TMI Tuesday #217

1. Have you ever mooned/flashed anyone? How long ago? Oh yes, of course. The last time was in October and that ended with me getting some beads..... 2. Pick an animal that best displays your personality. Scorpion...Need I say more???? 3. Do you mail out holiday cards, and if so, how do you pick the list? I usually mail out xmas cards the day after Thanksgiving. It is usually comprised of family and close friends...and maybe a few people that went out of their way for me. 4. How often do you wear something sexy to get attention (lingerie, low cut dress, silk boxers, etc...)? I typically do this for my birthday, because this is when I am EXPECTING to get some action. 5. Have you ever tasted breast milk SINCE you were an adult? I never had breast milk as a child or an adult. Bonus: Do you like "talking" when you have sex? I like to hear some dirty talk, not every single time and I can give some dirty talk. I prefer for the dirty talk to be natural rather than asked for sometimes. Double Bonus: If Santa is a guy, how is it that he never seems to get lost? Well Santa is man enough to ask for directions after ALL these years....and hell he knows if you have been bad or good so he knows where to Great questions this week!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Orgasms, I will tell you about mine if you tell me yours...

In my sexual life I have become more curious about my multiple orgasm ability. Or maybe just the opposite???!!!! I consider myself pretty darn lucky being able to cum over and over again. I do wonder if it is an asset or not?? I can honestly say that my major concern, when I started being active with my Bi-side, was being able to please a woman. I will admit that my first experience with a woman alcohol was involved.....and things went off without a hitch. The second time I was with a couple and it took some time and my tongue was sore the next day although it was rewarding. She was the hardest to get her to reach her "O", and even more so the next time we were together...even her husband didn't think we could do it. After my first orgasm I am only just getting started. There have been a few times that I only had one orgasm but that was few and far between thank goodness. I wonder what a man thinks about a multi-orgasmic women....any thoughts guys??? So with that said, faking has not been something in my vocabulary. My other curiosity is a woman who can squirt....I mean WOW. From the videos I have seen I wonder are all squirters multi-orgasmic?? I would think they are not, but I have not had the distinct pleasure of a squirter. At least someone can truly debunk the myth for me.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HNT #10

I can't decide if I should spank or be spanked...any suggestions??? Happy HNT Go check out the following to see who is playing..

Monday, December 7, 2009

TMI #216

1. Which is more important of the two in "chemisty," physical attractiveness or emotional attractiveness? Emotion attractiveness is the most important. When the emotional part starts to go I believe that the physical becomes less attractive. I can say that is the way it has happened with me. 2. On a scale from 1-10, how kinky are you? I only think I am 6. I feel there are plenty of things I don't/won't do! Maybe the right person hasn't come along to find more out about my kinky side!! 3. Sitting on Santa's lap... fun or creepy? Creepy 4. Have you ever fallen asleep or passed out during sex? I never have. Unfortunately I have had a MAN fall asleep while doing oral (man how sad). BTW, no alcohol was involved!!! 5. Do you wear socks to bed? Is that okay or totally unsexy? I always wear socks. It is okay. I am definitely not a feet person, so if they are covered that is great!!! Bonus: What is your greatest strength? Weakness? Since this is not specific, I will go with the TMI nature. My strength is my ability to have multiple ORGASMS!! I love that I can cum and cum again. I do often wonder about those women that it takes so much time to get there. My thoughts are with those women who have never had an orgasm. My weakness is not being able to truly hang-on for a full BJ. I have done so a handful of times (Given the number of opportunities I have had/shared, that is minimal at best). There were a couple times that my ability to complete a BJ, has brought about great adventures. Happy TMI everyone

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Since I am attached to the Head Board, would anyone care to join me or anyone have some thoughts on what to do with me while in this predicament??? HHNT

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TMI #215

1. What are your feelings about traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties? I think they are great and a ton of fun. Unfortunately now I think they are focused on getting the bride or groom laid (which is not good). 2. Do you wear (or not wear) something special to bed/dress differently when you want to have sex? I have lingerie and things but I will put those on for a surprise or something. Maybe walk around without undies. Usually I just go for it or hopefully he/she will come up from behind me and get things hopping. 3. Do you ever fake orgasms? Absolutely not! I have them fairly easy so I don't or haven't needed to. Plus, if he or she doesn't know when I have had an orgasm, then he or she needs to go back to class!!! 4. Do you own any leather or rubber clothing? As my HNT history shows, I have a leather bra and I also have a leather thong!! 5. On a scale from 1-10, how willing are you to do something in bed you don't want to just because you are asked? I never do something because I was asked. I am pretty open with trying things at least once except when it comes to taking a crap on someone or something like that!! There are some rules that are not to be broken.... Bonus: Can men and women be "just friends?" I truly believe that men and women can be friends, but after a period of time someone develops feelings for the other. I think that is natural to a point, since you learn so much about one another and end up spending so much time together. And lets not forget the accidental we got drunk and things happened night. Glad to be back... Hit up Osbasso and the other HNT (I am late for work can't fill in the addresses/links)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am back...

Hello All-- I have been dealing with some serious health issues lately. All three procedures and one surgery has come out with ok results, some good and some bad. I will be back up and running now. I just got caught up with ALL the reading. Man some of you know just how to get my juices flowing...sure have missed that! BTW, I will be doing HNT as well this week. I got some new photos taken today. Playfully Yours

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TMI Tuesday #210

1) What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with you that would automatically make you turn down a second date with them? Bad Breath/grooming Bad sex Being a liar 2) Pick an animal that best displays your personality. :) A Scorpion 3) If your so stopped having sex with you, how long would you stay? Until I find out why....then I start making plans and get the hell out! 4) Are you more passive or aggressive when the relationship becomes physical? Passive when sober Aggressive when drinking, almost dominate! 5) Have you ever been INSIDE a store that sold adult themed toys and videos? Oh hell yes and I have had sex in there as well, while his wife watched. Bonus (as in optional): What percentage of women do you think are capable of handling being in a "friends with benefits" relationship? How about men? I think women, it's about 30%, the woman usually get attached. I think men would be 85%

Monday, October 19, 2009

TMI Tuesday #209

1. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed...romance, experimentation, or foreplay? Romance is fine, but I want raw fucking most of the time! Experimentational is fine, but I want spontaneous sex! Foreplay is fine, but I want penetration! 2. What is your worst habit? My impatience of getting/asking for who I want!! I am aggressive in this area and I can be pushy. I mean hell lets get naked and have fun already, damn. 3. Do you take compliments well? I have been lately and it has been really nice. 4. Do you think more about the past, present, or future? I have been thinking more about my future lately. There is so much that seems like it is just out of my reach. 5. Do you feel everyone has a soulmate? I feel like there are some people who are fortunate to find that someone who is compatible and is willing to compromise as well as respect their vows as they were meant to be. Bonus "Where would you wish to wake up? I would wish to wake in someones arms after falling asleep from complete exhaust from the most incredible sexual adventure. Go check out to see who else is playing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lucky Me

I was lucky enough to receive my first bloggy award from the sexy
Check out my award to the right, isn't it awesome???!!!
Look for new erotica later today...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TMI Tuesday #207

1. What is your underwear "style" of choice? I go commando when not at work. At work I wear a uniform and it would not be appropriate to not wear underwear....So I wear boxer briefs (they are comfy as hell). 2. How old were you when you had your first sexual experience? My first experience was with a girl and I had spent the night at her house and we played a game where we had to kiss each other ALL over our bodies. Nothing more than that happened but now I look back and go DAMN!! It was 20years later before I would touch another woman. It was worth the wait. (This was my first experience but not my first time) 3. What about a potential partner turns you on? It is the eyes and confidence the person has. 4. Have you ever played a game which may require you or others to disrobe? Oh absolutely! 5. Given or received finger scratch marks during sexual activity? I have given (only by request) and received. Bonus: How many times is the most you have ever had sex in a 24 hour period? I believe it was four or five (and that was with different people) **blushing** check out and see who is playing.

Monday, September 28, 2009

TMI Tuesday #206

Happy TMI Tuesday... 1. Have you used put anything edible on or in your partner's body and then eaten it? Oh yes, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Made him taste even better. That reminds me that I have not done that when I have been with a woman.....that must be on my to do list. 2. Have you ever had an AIDS test due to reasonable suspicion or hyperactive imagination? I have been tested when I found my 'partner' looking for something outside the 'so-called' relationship. All was/is clear! 3. Have you ever fantasized about someone else other than your partner while you were engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation? Oddly enough I have never done it. I have been into the person I was with. 4. Have you ever engaged in sex, or mutual masturbation while in a moving car? A car being driven by someone not engaged in the sex, oral sex, or mutual mastubation? I have masturbated at least 20 times while driving in my car and there have been occasions where there was some HOT mutual groping until destination reached.... **snickering** 5. Have you ever had sex so many times or for so long that one or both people involved runs dry? NEVER Bonus (optional) Name 5 things an unplanned or planned visitor would find in your bedroom? Condoms (of course), porn/toys, Lingerie, heating pad, water

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am wet and....

I am sitting here after reading some HOT erotica and can't focus on anything but my need for an orgasm. I have to admit that watching a woman masturbate is a huge turn on. Just watching the way she spreads her legs open. Seeing her lips emerge. The way she glides her hand to her pussy for that first touch. You can see the excitement as she lets out a sigh. She takes her hands and slowly spreads her lips to expose that ever so sweet clit. I always fantasize about tasting her at that moment. Running my tongue along her lips and the anticipation of that first taste across my lips. YUMMY My fantasy continues as I bring myself in to enjoy her. I begin to suck on her clit. I hear her moaning and asking/begging me for more without saying a word. Feeling her hips rise to force her wet pussy on my face. I back off for a minute to look up at her, as she looks at me with hunger in her eyes. She takes my head and forces it back down to her awaiting pussy. I lick and tease her some more making her moan. (music to my ears) I come up and tell her I want to watch her for a bit. I tell her to rub her clit, slow, using only one finger after I lick her finger making it wet. She moans. I am so wet. I remove my undies. I ask her for her hand and suck on the finger she has been using (so I can taste her some more) then I suck on another finger. Allowing her to use two fingers to rub only her clit. She looks so sexy her hips rotating in a rhythmic motion almost hypnotizing me. I lay down next to her. I reach down and rub my hand over my wet spot between my legs as I close my eyes for a moment and listen to her moaning as she is masturbating. I ask her to sit on my face, facing backwards. She slowly brings her sweet spot to my sexy. I begin to move my tongue slowly on her clit. I grab her hips to start to move her body back and forth riding my tongue. By now I am so wet, I can hardly stand it. I have her lean forward and tell her to rub my wet pussy. I let out a loud moan. She moves her hand slowly over my mound, her hand is immediately wet, my clit is so hard and pertruding out between my lips. I lick her pussy some more as I start to slide a finger in her wet hole. Damn she is tight around my finger. I am sucking on her clit and fingering her wet pussy. moaning louder. My hips are arching up wanting her hand more and more. She is rubbing my clit faster and faster. I ask her to finger me. She slams two fingers in my wet hole and I yelp out, OMG! Damn does she know how to give it to my pussy. She continues to slam my pussy with her fingers making me so wet and on the verge. She begs me to suck her clit harder. I suck her harder bring her whole pussy to my face almost cutting of my air. I want to feel her cum on my face. Her thighs begin to tighten around my head, I know she is ready. She is moaning, YES, YES! I am relentless not letting her move away from me as her thighs begin to quiver and her juices are just flowing. She is working her fingers in my pussy, penetrating me as deep as she can, shit I am so ready to cum all over her fingers. I can feel the resistance of her body as I suck on her clit, and she yells I am cumming. I am in heaven with her pussy juices all over my face, her body still quivering as the last waves of her orgasm run through her. Now she turns her attention back to my wetness. She climbs off of me and heads between my legs. She starts licking my clit.....OHHHH. She licks for a minute and begins to finger my pussy at the same time. Oh I can feel my orgasm building. She is fingering me hard and sucking my clit with skill. My hips are off the bed. She tells me to cum for her. That was all I needed, my body began shaking, my body tight and my moans are loud.....the twitching of my body as she takes slight licks over my quivering clit...sends me into a frenzy. Cumming at the hand of a woman...what bliss The smell of her still in the air. I lick my lips to taste her one last time........

Monday, September 7, 2009

TMI Tuesday #203

1. If you were to only live until the age of 50, how would you live your life differently? I would splurge on myself, maybe become a little selfish. Try and travel as much as I could afford to. (Go visit my bloggy crush for sure) Actually participate in one of my fantasies. 2. Are you settling in your job/career? Not settling but have some limitations that my boss is more accommodating than others. So that really helps. I like office work so I am happy with the skills I possess and perform. 3. Are you settling with your significant other? Right now I am not in the best of relationships and have to do some saving and things to move on. So you may look at that as settling. I am not rocking the boat per se. 4. How important is your family? Family is important and I am pretty close to mine. Also glad that they live a few states away as well. Holidays are family gatherings and we have fun. 5. If you caught a neighbor peeping in at you while you were naked or having sex, would you close the blinds? (assuming you live in a city and can see into other buildings.) I would like the thought of being watched, maybe they could return the favor by leaving their blinds open. Yes, I am a voyeur and my name is Playfully yours, hee hee!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HNT #7

Can you think of anything to put between my breasts??
HHNT everyone
To see who else is playing, Visit :

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Self-love never fails

You know when that feeling cums over you.......Well it is here. I am in need of some self-love. I am sitting here with a t-shirt and boxers on. I can feel my clit becoming enlarged. Oh that feeling of an orgasm right now is overwhelming. I spread my legs open slowly so I can just slip a couple of fingers in my boxers from the side.....DAMN. I am extremely wet and my clit is so swollen just hungry for my touch. My fingers begin to explore my freshly shaven pussy....mmmmm I get my fingers moistened and roll them around my clit. Oh my, my hips begin to thrust forward wanting more of my fingers. I apply a little bit of pressure rubbing harder and I gasp silently. I slip off my boxers for better access and deeper penetration. My fingers know what I want and this time I crave some penetration, I slowly slide my fingers in my wet pussy. Oh shit, it is so warm and wet around my fingers and I move my hips forward to take my fingers in as far as they can go. My breathing is becoming heavier. I pull up my t-shirt exposing my breasts. I grab my left breast hard and thrust forward as my fingers have developed a rhythm of penetrating my eager pussy. I pull my fingers out and take my wet fingers and swirl them around my clit making it throb. Oh I want to cum so bad, it feels so good. But wait I want this to last a bit. I take my fingers out and rub them over my nipple so I can taste my juices off of my nipples......I have rather large breasts (44dd), I look at my wet moistened nipple and smile. I lift my breast to my mouth and I swirl my tongue around my nipple, sucking every drop from my nipple and damn I taste so good. I reach for my vibrator and place it on my hard clit, then turn it on. (For those of you who saw my HNT last week this may help) I then place one side of my double sided dildo in my wet pussy.......and oh hell. My hips thrust up and I am moaning louder. Oh my...I don't think I can last much longer. My pussy starts to prepare for an intense orgasm. I can't put my hips down, my other hand pressing the vibrator harder on my clit and my dildo is as deep as I can go, thrusting in and out and I just hang on........ My walls tighten around my dildo, making it harder to penetrate my wet pussy....while holding my breath, moving the speed of my vibrator to high for the most intense vibration....My clit just pulsates out of control, my pussy begins flooding with wetness all over my heart pounding. Little waves of uncontrollable thrusts begin and my hips begin to relax and I lay back enjoying the vibration still sending sensation to my clit. Slow thrusts of the dildo in and out as my body starts to recover from a much needed orgasm. Sure wish you had a hand in this.......**wink** maybe next time

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HNT #6

Anyone want to play?????? How about a lick???
Happy HNT

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TMI Tuesday #200

1. What is the longest you have been in a monogamous sexual relationship? [For the purpose of this question monogamous is defined as no sexual partners that your significant other does (did) not know about.] 6 years, it was purely sexual. Not the best circumstances but some damn good sex. You never realize that after 6 years of sex, how attached you could become in a good way! 2. If your current relationship would fail, do you have a back-up for physical or emotional comfort? I have a back-up for physical, emotionally I have friends and family. 3. Can you be "just friends" with someone when there is an unrequited sexual attraction? Yes, I can! It isn't easy! 4. In a assumed monogamous sexual relationship have you ever cheated, been cheated upon or been a knowing thrid party to infidelity? [For the purpose of this question monogamous is defined as no sexual partners that a significant other does (did) not know about.] I have been a third party to infidelty more than I care to admit. It is disappointing how much infidelty is condoned and accepted. But it is out there. Yes, I have cheated! I have also been cheated on. Viscious cycle!!!!! 5. Historically, what has caused the most arguments in your relationships? Money, sex, and kids. Bonus (optional): What do you want from a partner in a long-term relationship? I want open communication, SEX, travelling, friendship, honesty, LOVE, and support.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Anyone have something leather to match????? HHNT everyone Also check out:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

1st Time Erotica....Enjoy

This is my first time, let me know what you think..... Another rendezvous has been given to us.. I leave the front door open as I still must shower and shave her, per his request. He loves my freshly shaven pussy for his eating pleasure. Moments later he startles me as a hand comes reaching in the shower to cup my ample breasts. Ahhh, he is here for my pleasure. I come out of the shower naked as he will not have me any other way. He loves every curve of my voluptuous body. As I walk in the room he is laying on the bed and slowly moving his hand up and down his half hard shaft. I smile as I crawl up to him between his legs, my breasts brushing up against his leg as I reach his cock. I look up at him and lick the head of his shaft. I move further to his belly button to allow my breasts to dangle over his shaft, letting the weight of my breasts, 42 DD's, stroke his waiting cock. He groans. I can feel my pussy getting wet with anticipation. I moved back down and take my tongue and and lick up and down the side of his hard cock. Moving down to his balls, I begin to take one in my mouth sucking gently as my hand begins to stroke him slowly. He moans, oh how I love to hear him moan. He says sternly 'Have you missed my cock'? I look up at him with hunger in my eyes and say 'yes'. I move back up his cock and begin to suck his cock like it was my last meal, he moves his hand to the back of my head and thrusting his hips as I continue bobbing up and down sucking and slurping with purpose. He says 'he must taste me right now'. I roll over on my back and spread my legs for him. He comments on how smooth my pussy looks. I take my hands and spread my pussy lips to expose my awaiting clit for him. He takes my clit and begins to ravish her. I gasp....OH OH His tongue is darting all over my clit. My clit has become erect and he is now able to suck on it and flick his tongue on it at the same time. My hips moving to push my clit further in his mouth. Wanting more and more. I can feel my orgasm building, he is relentless, he won't stop. I don't want him to stop. I begin to cum and he grabs my hips and holds himself there until his face is gleaming in my sweet juices. He looks up at me with pride. He is not done with me. He must make me cum again. He slides a finger in my sweet wet pussy. He says 'Oh my, you are awfully wet'. He starts to move his finger in and out faster, as he moves another finger in to fill my pussy more. Then he does my all time favorite thing, guaranteed to make me cum, he starts sucking on my clit and finger fucking my pussy. He goes faster and faster. There is nothing I can do but cum on his face and hand. He keeps going and I cum again with hips bucking in the air begging for more without saying a word. He comes up and my tongue traces his lips just under his mustache, getting every drop. I move to his fingers, sucking them dry. Damn, I love the taste of my juices. He kisses me hard, pressing his body against mine. My thighs open with his hardness pressing against my wet pussy. I thrust up my hips to let him know I am ready to receive his hard cock. I tell him 'I need to feel him inside me and I want to cum on his cock'. His cock slides in my wet pussy easily. I groan as he enters me with that first thrust, he fills me so tightly. I drown his cock with my wetness. He feels so good inside me. Our bodies become one while his cock moves feverishly in and out of my aching pussy. He tells me 'I want you to cum for me'. I was on the edge. He thrusts harder, faster, and here it comes, my hips thrusting, moaning louder and louder, and a wave of heat comes over me and my pussy starts to convulse all over his cock. He smiles. He pulls out and moves his face between my legs and begins taking no prisoners on my clit. Damn, I love his determination with my body, my clit, and my pussy......all I can do is cum over and over again. He comes up and his face is glistening....yummy!! He asks me 'how I want it'.....and he knows I want it from behind. I eagerly get on all fours and wait for the ultimate deep penetration and cumming session that he is about to give me. He grabs my hips and thrusts his body and cock forward to slam into my pussy. I gasped LOUDLY, OMG. Every thrust feels like heaven, my walls aching and begging for more. One nice hard smack on the ass just sends me over the edge with his next thrust. I cum so hard and no sooner as I recover from that orgasm another one cums and cums and cums. My pussy is delirious from the pleasure of him inside me. I can tell he is ready to explode. He pulls out and I get on my knees, he starts stroking his cock hard and fast. I grab my breasts and heave them up so he can cum all over them. I get to lean in and get a lick or two in while he is stroking.....and then he moans and here cums his hot load of white cum splashing all over each breast. He takes his cock and rubs his cum all over my breasts. I can't wait until we meet again....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I hope I don't poke anyone's eyes out.....**snickering**

Monday, August 3, 2009

TMI Tuesday #198

1. Family is the key to whom you become or not. 2. Friends are the best and there are only a few that really are true. 3. Exes are good reasons to learn from your mistakes or theirs. 4. Strangers do have the best candy. 5. Relationships rock when the sex can curl your toes. Bonus Tell us about your first love: He was my best friend in high school. He had long hair, a great smile and HOT. He knew but we never actually were together as a couple. But about a year out of high school we FINALLY got naked and went for it. It was bittersweet, he had moved about 800 miles away and was down for a visit. I won't forget it or him. We have since lost touch.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rewind TMI Tuesday #139

1. What's your favorite color of lingerie? Red makes me feel sexy as hell. 2. Do you have a porn collection? I wouldn't call it a collection....just a random bunch of scenes/clips of things that can get me off!!!! 3. Do you have any fetishes? Hmmm, I don't think I have a fetish. I love kissing! 4. What is your favorite place to have sex? The couch has so many possibilities.... 5. Do you like to scratch, bite, pull hair, etc? Do you like having it done to you?

I love to be bitten on the neck and inner thigh, and having my hair pulled is so HOT while kissing. I do not want to be scratched. I am not into scratching since most of my sex life I could not leave marks on most of my partners.

I like to bite/nibble on my partners neck and chest and nipples. I will pull a girls hair and kiss her so hard, yummy!! I have done that to some men as well.

Bonus: Do you think the number of sexual partners you've had is below average, average, or above average and how does that make you feel??

My sexual partners are way above average as far as men are concerned. Sexual partners are below average for women, I would love to greatly increase that number. I feel great about the numbers, I have grown so much and there is not much I am opposed to now.

Rewind TMI Tuesday #131

1. Did you have to pay or did you get money back? Damn I had to pay again!! 2. What was your biggest financial mistake? My financial mistake still is not saving. I live paycheck to paycheck still. 3. Are you a screamer? I don't think I scream, but I have been told I am very LOUD. 4. What part of your body, other than your genitals, do you love to have touched? What part of a partner's body, other than their genitals, do you love to touch? I love my neck touched, nibbled, kissed and lips brushed against lightly. I love to touch a mans chest and arms and I love to touch a womans thighs--damn they are soft and they lead to the sweetest spot on earth. 5. What catch phrase best describes your life? Just Do It Bonus: What was the last thing you took without permission? What was the last thing taken from you without your permission? I took envelopes from work without permission. I had some medication stolen from me, from a so-called friend, that friendship ended the next day. I was on an intense 30 day cycle to improve pain or be considered for surgery. This ultimately screwed that up, I lost about a weeks worth of medication.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Can you think of something to tie me to??? Go check out who else is playing and

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TMI Tuesday #197

1. The three words that best describe me are confident, funny, and sexual. 2. The three words that best describe my life are busy, conflicted, and full of grandkids. 3. My three guilty pleasures are orgasms, strawberry shortcake, and Vin Diesel. 4. The three places I would like to visit before I die are Niagra Falls, New England states to see the leaves change in fall, and Cancun.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rewind TMI Tuesday #163

Here is a little more insight to my naughty side **wink wink***, enjoy! What are your turn-ons? My neck, a great kiss that also involves some hair pulling and being apporached from behind. I love to feel a man or woman pressed up against my back. What are your turn-offs? FEET, I just can't get passed them. Not counting your turn-ons, whats the best trait a person can have? Confidence is the most sexiest thing. Not counting your turn-offs, whats the worst trait a person can have? Thinking a BJ, is the only foreplay! What's your biggest pet peeve? My sexual pet peeve is once the 'MAN' cums, he is done and loses all interests no matter what stage of the activity you are in. Selfish Bastard Bonus--Describe your best and worst experience. My best 3-some experience was the second one I had (they were about 2 weeks apart). They were down to earth and we had a hot time. They made me comfy and it was fun. He was one that made it fun to share. We were together for hours, yummy! I was the first woman she went down on.....not bad! I loved listening to her as we played with her from all ends. The worst was a guy ended up getting drunk and it was so small, that he would not have been able to penetrate me, no matter the position.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Whose hand is that???????? HHNT

Monday, July 20, 2009

TMI Tuesday #196

First I have to admit I love orgasms and I had one in the car driving to work this morning!!!! Don't look in the glove box **wink** 1. Your first self-induced orgasm I remember it being on the couch (somewhere around the time when Luke and Laura got married and Reagan getting shot). I wasn't sure what had really happened for a moment. 2. Your first other-induced orgasm I slept with my second guy in a playground tower/slide. I had three orgasms before we were rudely interrupted. My first vibrator orgasm was when I was about 20, and OMG. My first shower head--(I will never live in a place without one) was when I was 9 years ago. It was so much easier with my kids to enjoy the release. 3. Your first experience giving someone else an orgasm I will have to say I can't remember, but I can say the first experience of giving a woman an orgasm.....Oh now I have your attention...**evil grin** I brought her home from the bar, and had her naked before we could get up the stairs. I remember being so hungry for a woman that I just couldn't hold back. I got her in the bedroom and on the floor and I went to town. Her hips bucking, was truly exciting and HOT!! Once we were done with oral we were on to the TOY!!! We went from the floor to the bed!!! WOW 4. Your first time witnessing another's orgasm not induced by you Does porn count...hee hee I truly remember listening to other people. Oh wait, when I was doing 3-somes with couples. I had the pleasure of watching and damn that was HOT. 5. Since your first, what is the longest time you've gone between orgasms? I could easily say a month or two. Bonus: Tell us a particularly memorable orgasm you haven't mentioned yet It was not just one but the amount of time I was allowed. Let me explain further. I met a couple and we started a 6-month thing. He is the ONLY man who wore me out. He had stamina that was out of this world. I know most women do not want that, his wife was not a fan, but I enjoyed the hell out of it and miss him dearly (it ended). He could make me cum over and over again!!!!!! Great questions this week!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am going back to some older TMI Tuesday so you can learn a little bit about me......I hope you enjoy. I will start doing it regular this week since I just made my debut on HNT..... You should follow me, I promise the pics are going to get better and better!!!! (shameless plug) 1. Had sex with someone 10 years older or younger than you? Oh yes, and he has been the best lover, he was 19 years older than I. I still find him sexy as hell. 2. Drawn from a nude model or been a nude model? I have not done either one. 3. Had sex at a company christmas party? I have not but the one I was planning on having sex at, got cancelled. Damn!!! 4. Had a blind date? Absolutely, I have been through the torture method a few times. It has its perks and of course its downfalls. 5. Slept with a teacher? I am sure with my appetite I have, but not to my knowledge. BONUS (optional) Had sex with someone within an hour of meeting them? Ok, seriously!! Of course!!! I met some great FWB's this way. I prefer long-term FWB's, the longest one lastest 7 years.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Anyone want to play??? It's my first time, I am a virgin!!!