Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Monday, April 25, 2011

TMI Tuesday: April 26, 2011

This week's TMI Tuesday questions are courtesy of two bloggers. Heelsnstocking and Hedone.
I am still having computer issues but hope to be back regularly, soon.

1. What sexually could you NOT give up for 40 days and 40 nights of sex?
Kissing, I love to kiss and to be kissed!!

2. As the weather improves would you have sex outdoors? If yes, where?
Oh yes! Sex outside would be so erotic. I have been plotting some nice outside weather sex. I am sure I will share it with you, soon!

3. What is the most riskiest place you have had sex? And were you caught?

One of the riskiest places was outside on the side of a bar. We were not caught but it was good.

4. Ever mixed food and sex? If so what was it and was it pleasurable?

I've used whipped cream and chocolate sauce. I have to confess about fantasizing about using it again.

5. Ever used a sex toy for something totally non sexual or something totally non sexual as a sex toy?
My sex toys are used for just that, producing some intense orgasms. I have used a non sexual object as a sex toy. A long time ago before I met a sex shop I used a cucumber one time.

Bonus: German immigrants introduced the Easter rabbit, a symbol of fertility for the spring holiday. This past Sunday, did anyone attempt to fertilize your eggs or did you attempt to fertilize someone's eggs ;-)
That is awfully cute. However it would be impossible to fertilize or be fertilized in my current situation.

Happy TMI Tuesday you sexy bloggers

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TMI Tuesday - April 5, 2011

Hello everyone......
I know it's been a while but life has gotten in the way of keeping up with my blog consistently for right now. I did not have enough time to answer all the questions but here are the ones I think you will like!!!!!

1. What sexual act could you not live without?

I could not live without kissing. That is something that truly gets me aroused every time.

2. Have you ever masturbated while driving, if so what did you use to
stimulate yourself?

OMG, yes I have. I have absolutely used my vibrator, most of the time it was on my way to work (no matter what shift I was working)
I have also used a dildo while on the highway. For those wondering, yes I did cum every single time!!!

3. Have you ever wondered how fucking feels to the opposite sex?

Been wondering this question for many years now. I think the one thing that interests me the most is how good it feels from the perspective of the organ being outside the body. But as my naughty thoughts get the best of me I would love to fuck a woman with a cock.

4. What is the first thing you ever masturbated to or with?
Wow, you are trying to take me way back on this
It never mattered what was on T.V. I just wanted to get off!!! During my early years I used to start by rubbing my pussy with my hand. Then after a bit I had to rub my pussy up against something like the couch or mattress.

5. For the girls, does Male on Male sex turn you on? Not as in two
guys fucking each other but say seeing your husband or boyfriend
touch, stroke, suck another man in your presence?

For me, I would love to do a 3-some with two men that are Bi-Sexual. Yes, I would love to see that and better yet I want to share the touching, stroking, or sucking. For all those men out there lurking and reading, there are many of us women who would love to see it just once if nothing else. It sometimes gets me so aroused thinking about it.

Happy TMI Tuesday,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TMI Tuesday - March 8, 2011

Hi everyone,

I've been having computer problems but hope to be able to see you all real soon. Here are my answers for today's Too Much Information Tuesday questions, courtesy of Hedone.

Happy TMI!

1- When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

Damn my nipples need some attention.

2- What did the last text message you received on your mobile/cell phone say?

Last text was: they do need your lips to suck, bite, and chewing for sure.

3- First thing you wash in the shower?


4- When was the last time you masturbated in the shower?

Do you mean you don't do it every time?!?!

5- Have you had sex on your couch?

Of course I have. Actually planning on it tonight if all goes well.

Friday, February 11, 2011

1st Formspring Friday

Just FYI, I did fix some spelling errors......

What's your favorite part of a man's body? why? What's the favorite part of your body? Why?
My favorite part of a man's body to feel is his arms, when I am getting fucked missionary and my hands holding on while he fucks me hard.
My favorite part of a man's body I like to see is his eyes. The way a man looks at you can be so sexy and that non-verbal communication is amazing.

My favorite part of my body is my hands. My hands have traveled up and in a woman and a man. Not to mention all the times I have explored my body's hot spots and produced some amazing orgasms.

Do you swallow?
Oh I absolutely do and I'd love sharing it with a willing man in a HOT kiss!

How to pick up trannys on the street
I have personally never picked up a tranny so I have no experience with it.

Happy Formspring Friday

Cum on everyone, I know you want to ask me a question!!!!! Go ahead and click on the formspring box.


Monday, February 7, 2011

TMI Random Sexual Facts

5 things PY is aching for tonight.....

1. to taste some sweet pussy.

2. to get you on all fours and use my dildo to make you cum for me.

3. to have her sit on my face while you fuck me nice and slow to tease my pussy.

4. to spread my legs and make you watch me rub my pussy.

5. to lay in the arms of a man who has fucked me silly, so he can fuck me again.

Damn these TMIs seem to always end with me wanting to cum....Let me grab my bullet!

BTW all....I finally have some people asking Formspring questions. So I am going to do Formspring Fridays as long as you all have asked me questions.

Happy TMI

Friday, February 4, 2011

To Eat or be Eaten?????????

Finally, she asks if I want company, sure I do. I know she is bi-curious and I was not going to pressure her in any way. Things should happen naturally. We walk back to my bedroom. She starts to take off her heels and I am admiring her plus-sized body. She continues to undress, I am in awe. I was expecting to chat and maybe kiss, she had to get back because of babysitter issues. Before I knew it she was completely undressed. My jaw dropped and she looked even more luscious.

Damn, what a body, I say to myself. I want to touch her but not sure if it was ok.(yes, I know dumb question) She clearly let me know I could touch her and I did not hesitate. Before I dove in, I noticed she has the largest areolas I have ever seen. I grabbed her right breast and my mouth covered her nipple. My tongue flicked her nipple as she moaned with pleasure. I move to her other breast. Sucking her nipple and squeezing gently. She moaned as I licked and sucked her breasts. She tells me she needs to lay down....who am I to argue with her.

She lays back and starts playing with her nipples again. I look her body over and compliment her on her beautiful body. I went back to devouring her nipples. I make my way down her belly. I lean back and spread her legs open. OMG, there it was, that beautiful smell of pussy. It has been way to long since I have smelled that smell. My mouth is watering at the anticipation of tasting her sweet pussy. I let out a moan as I took in her aroma. I began to kiss her inner thigh then when I was ready to exhale I let me warm breath out on to her pussy lips. Her hips came off the bed. I moved to kiss the other thigh, her hips are thrusting up. As I moved back her to pussy I took a deep breath in (damn pussy is so intoxicating) and slowly exhaled over her pussy lips again.

I took my tongue and licked her pussy lips on the left and then on the right. She was breathing heavier. Finally I took my tongue and licked her from her wet hole to her awaiting clit. She moaned with approval. My tongue was wet and she tasted so damn good. I went up and down a few times making sure I payed attention to her clit. Her hand moved to the back of my head. I just buried my face in her pussy and flicked and licked her clit faster and faster. Her hips were rocking and my face was all wet from her pussy. I backed away so I could lick my lips. Her moans made my pussy wet.

Before I dove back in, I took my fingers and rubbed her lips. Randomly, I would let my fingers run over her clit. She was wet. I let my fingers twirl in her juices. Slowly I penetrated her pussy with my finger. Her pussy was HOT, her heat engulfed my finger then another. I have never had a pussy that HOT inside. I slowly finger fucked her. Then I had to go back for another taste. I pumped my fingers as my tongue flicked and licked her clit. She is moaning with approval. I grabbed my favorite bullet and placed it on her clit. She gasped. My fingers were fucking her faster and that vib was working her clit.

She grabbed the vib and worked her clit as I continued to finger her HOT pussy. She begged me to play with her nipples. I took my fingers and began rolling her nipples in between my fingers. She told me to keep doing that. She was moaning louder and louder. She finally said....I am gonna cum I said cum for me.....she moaned oh fuck oh fuck
My fingers twirling her nipples harder as her body came off the bed and she began to shake and quiver as the waves of her orgasm took over. I ran my hands all over her body as she started to relax from her orgasm. She was satisfied and had to leave since she was already late.

I walked her out and climbed on the bed and let my vibrator rock my clit for what seemed like forever but it was not even two minutes. My clit was hungry and needed release.

Damn pussy is so good!!!
(True Story)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

21 Questions ALL about sex (Imagine that)

Stolen from the ever sexy Hubman

1. Did you have sex today?
Hmmmm, should I give away ALL my dirty little secrets!!!

2. Did you have an orgasm in the last 24 hours?
I had three and working towards four. That doesn't count the two I gave someone!!!!!

3. Can you get off from a sexy text message?
I have absolutely gotten WET from text messages. Thank you my friends and soon to be lovers.

4. I have a friend that can get horny watching the food network, what channel or show gets you off?
I have been known to get aroused (usually something on skin-a-max)but not necessarily get-off.

5. Blow job while in a moving vehicle with the blow-ee driving.
I have given a hand job but no blow job, yet!!! Anyone?????

6. Longest you have gone without sex?
This isn't even something nice to talk about!!!!!!

7. Longest you have gone without toys of any kind?
The longest would be before I acquired them and now I don't go a day without. I prefer to buy prior to so I have a back-up plan. Which actually paid off yesterday. WHEW

8. Most uncomfortable place you have had sex?
There have been moments in a car or truck. And yes, I have been in the back of a truck but it was cold and not really a good option.

9. Are you loud in the bedroom?
I absolutely make noise. I like my partner to as well.

10. Do you like to be in control or have none?
Control can be quite important. I have times I want to be in total control and there are times I want to be fucked with everything you have for as long as you can hang on.

11. How do you feel about choking?
There does not seem to be a sexual aspect of this for me.

12. Have you ever vajazzled?
No vajazzling, however a razor is important to the maintenance. I don't want to eat in a jungle personally and I know most men/ladies don't either, so clearing a path is essential to enjoying the feast.

13. Can you yoodle?
Don't think that would be beneficial, especially for sex!!!!!

14. What is the sexiest thing you own in your opinion?
A red corset, my tits are just every where and look delicious.

15. Favorite kind of alcohol that makes you horny?
All alcohol makes my panties drop, that is if I am wearing any. I do happen to be partial to buttery nipples.

16. Have you ever had sex on a full bladder?
I usually try and go before but I have had some nice drunk sex nights and a full bladder is part of the deal after drinking so much.

17. Biggest turn on in a man and biggest turn on in a woman?
In a man and a woman it is self-confidence and eyes.

18. Do you like oral sex?
Oh hell yes, giving and receiving!

19. Do you think you could watch your partner/significant other be with someone else?
I am pretty selfish and I don't think so! However, I can be a third for a couple any day of the week.

20. Daisy was drunk, so she shared a picture… and dared us to share one as well…
Anyone want to use these on me??? Do tell.....

Naughty as always

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TMI Tuesday Most Memorable/Amazing Sexual Moments

Oh PY has some adventures to share in no particular order and I hope I don't have to stop to many times to cum because they are so HOT. But if I do have to cum maybe I will slip that information in as it happens????!!!!!

Damn this is making me wet just thinking about these moments.......(this would be appropriate to post a wet pussy pic but.........hmmmmm

1. A very memorable sexual moment was when a very sexy couple let me Dom him while she received the pleasure. It was so erotic to know what was being done. However, the best part of this session was when he put her on all fours (my fav position), and he called me!!!!! He started penetrating her with his thick cock. Her moans filled the air. I laid back and my legs spread eagerly. He spanked her ass and started fucking her harder. By now her pussy was so wet that I could hear her juices. This made me incredibly wet. My vibrator was on my clit and I started moaning. She was moaning and he was pounding her hard. I was so turned on....knowing they knew I was listening and masturbating. She started to say she was going to cum and my body started to tense up, I could feel this orgasm deep inside me. My hips were writhing. My pussy was so wet I almost couldn't keep the vibrator on my clit. He continued as he announced he was going to cum. I had already started to cum and my clit was pulsating and my body twitching. I am waiting for it to happen again.
(Yep you guessed it I am wet just from thinking about that day.)

2. My first time with a woman was just something that happened. It was not planned but something I had been wanting for years. She was a bit older than me. She was not the usual type I would be instantly attracted to. An opportunity came along and I kissed her, she kissed me right back. I waited a few and asked her if she wanted to go home with me and she said yes. We got to my place and I was feeling her up as I got to the door. As we entered my place I was the aggressor. I got her clothes off before we could get to the stairs. When I dipped my tongue between her lips I was so wet. I went to town on my first real taste of pussy. I pulled out my double sided dildo and I had her cumming within seconds. We went at it for an hour or so. I have been hooked on pussy since. Love the taste
(In case you were wondering my vibrator is working on my clit as I type. Damn it feels good.)

Well as luck would have it, my pussy is soaking wet and the rest will have to wait. Rolling the vibrator across my clit right now just seems like a better option. Hips thrusting. Pussy and Clit are hungry. moaning It feels so good. Left hand plays with my breast. Mmmmmmmmm Going to cum........Fuck Yes

3. The first time I fucked a man with a strap-on! I must admit that it was erotic and strange at the same time. I was wet at the prospect of making him moan with pleasure. I fucked him doggy style and then he rode me. I stroked his cock as I thrust my hips up to penetrate him deeper. Boy did he cum pretty hard. The only disadvantage was I didn't have a vibrator or something providing me additional stimulation. I am ready to do it again, any takers?????

4. Accidentally having anal the first time! (Yes, it really was an accident)
I was having sex with a fantastic lover on the couch. He had my pussy purring and cumming like usual. My pussy was so wet you could hear us fucking. I had my ass hanging off the couch and receiving the pounding I deserved and so loved. When something felt a little different but still felt good. I asked him to stop for a moment and I placed my hand down on my pussy. With the shock of my pussy was so wet and I was so relaxed, his cock had slipped right in my ass. OMG, I said. Of course, he smiled! I told him to go ahead and continue since it was feeling good and there was no pain. The orgasm was intense and felt so good...I was blown away. I have done anal every since...not every time but it is now on the menu.

5. This was last week, but the feeling of my clit being milked. I must start out by saying OMG, it was so erotic and I was so on edge. This was my new vibrator I was playing with for the first time. I was experimenting with the 10 speeds (yum)! I found one I wanted to try. I wanted to see how the orgasm would end with this speed. Well this speed had me hanging on the edge for over 15 mins. I was at a pace that it would get me to the edge and bring me back down and kept doing it over and over and over again. I could not believe the feeling. It was like my clit was a mile long and being milked by my vibrator and damn it I was loving every pulse. I ultimately had to change the speed to let myself cum. I need to feel that again...if that is what I think being milked is all about I want more. Keep my clit and pussy aching. The best part was, it was just me and a vibrator. There are just some things worth every penny and the time spent. Now that brought a whole new meaning to quality time. Anyone out there want to make my pussy feel this good????

WHEW...I made it without having to stop and masturbate. But my naughty bloggers know good and well what I am getting ready to do. That's right rub my clit and feel my wet pussy cum.
Ohhh my, one quick rub over my shaven pussy feels so good.


BTW, I have added formspring. Ask me anything!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TMI Tuesday---Wet Pussy and Toys

I received my new toys I ordered in the mail. I got a vibrator strictly for clitoral stimulation and the other one actually has a sucking and vibrating feature to secure itself around my clit making it easy for me to cum hands-free. My pussy must admit that she is very damn happy. I made a great choice for making myself cum whenever I need to.

It was unfortunate that I was so caught up in making my pussy wet and cumming that their wasn't any good time to take pictures. Sometimes I love seeing how wet my pussy can get when masturbating. My fingers covered in my juices (will you suck my juices off my fingers?), my dildo soaking wet (will you fuck me hard and fast?), my pussy lips all moist and just ready to be eaten by some eager hungry man or hungry woman (please taste me?)!!!!!

My pussy needs some good attention.....would any naughty blogger out there like to use my toys against me????

Happy TMI

Monday, January 3, 2011

TMI Tuesday--Submitting (part 6) Ms. X and Mr. Y

Lets start the New Year with my fantasy series........

***please check out previous posts to follow along***

I got dressed slowly. I was so horny and wanted to cum so bad and I couldn't. I had to obey, right? I mean who is going to know.

It was a long drive. I was torn about obeying. I needed to cum. As I got closer to my house and put the key in the door. The most wonderful thing happened.....The vibrator went off between my legs. OMG, it was like heaven to my pussy. I had to grab onto to the door frame before my legs gave way. Then it stopped almost as magically as it started. Damn!!

I immediately laid across the couch. I removed my shirt and started to twist my nipples. Again, the vibrator went off. I grabbed my nipples harder to enjoy the moment before it had ended. My pussy has never been so damn hungry before. I laid there for what seemed like forever before that damn thing went off again. Mmmmmmm, I could feel how wet my pussy was without even touching it. My hips began to rock back and forth to create a little more friction on my clit. My head leaned back and my eyes closed. I could hear myself start to moan. Then all of a sudden the doorbell rang. It startled me. I got up and the noise from the vibrator seemed so loud. But I answered the door anyway.

Mr. Y stood in the doorway. I eagerly let him in. He put his finger up to his mouth to tell me to be quiet. He twirled me around so he was pressed up against me. He started playing with my nipples as he started grinding his cock against my ass. He started to walk forward to the couch and he stopped and so did the vibrator. He pushed my back until he made me lean over the arm of the couch so my ass was in the air for the taking. Mr. Y slipped his hard cock in my dripping pussy. He started fucking me slowly. My pussy was so wet you could hear the noise from my pussy and his cock as he thrust in and out of me.

The vibrator started again and my pussy was no longer in control. My pussy began to cum and tighten on his cock, but he never stopped his rhythm. He let out a slight moan. Then that special aroma I recall from Ms. X filled the air. I opened my eyes and she was sitting on the other arm of the couch watching us and rubbing her pussy. My eyes became mesmerized on watching her fingers roll around her clit. How she plunged two fingers in her wet pussy. I could see her fingers glistening from her juices.

Mr. Y sat down on the couch and Ms. X went over with her back facing him, legs spread wide open and slid her tight ass on his cock. I started to suck on his balls while she rode him. I was told to eat her pussy while he fucked her in her ass. She moaned so loud when my tongue went up her slit and found her clit. Just then the vibrator began to go off again. I moaned silently. Mr. Y started moaning telling me to suck his balls until he came in Ms. X. I started sucking and he started moaning oh yes fuck me and suck me you slut. He came so hard his body just kept twitching.

I started to focus back on Ms. X. I pressed against her pussy as she started to grind herself against Mr. Y. I licked down her slit and back up over her clit as she moaned and I licked up over her slit and down her clit. I took my hand and inserted two fingers inside her. Slowly I penetrated her tightness, as her juices went all over my hand. It didn't take long for Ms. X to start to cum. I took her clit and sucked on it hard while she came until she pushed me away.

Mr. Y leaned over and began fingering my wet pussy. The vibrator has been going non-stop and my pussy is wetter than ever. I started to grind on his fingers so I could cum. He began fingering me hard and I thrust my hips up to accept his fingers deep inside me. I could feel my body succumb to my throbbing clit. I yelled make me cum, finger my pussy harder....and as he thrust his fingers in me next time I started to cum and my body shook and I moaned loudly YES YES.......

Happy cumming....tell me if you did cum or at least rubbed or stroked yourself

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 and The Last TMI

I have more reasons to celebrate then it being the New Year!!!! Those close to me know why, thank you for your support.

I wanted to keep up with the inquiry of new toys in the last TMI post. I did mention a couple of toys that I would like to have. However, after doing some serious shopping, last night, I found two others that I hope will float my boat.

One has some suction and vibration with five speeds. That is sure to produce a pussy warming orgasm. I just hope my pussy doesn't get so wet that it doesn't want to form a seal for suction. Bonus, this is hands-free!!!!
The second one is one I have seen in porn many many times when a woman is masturbating. It kind of looks like a lipstick case with additional speeds. It was worth a try especially with a coupon. (can email coupon to those who inquire)

I hope some naughty blogger(s) out there will give me a reason to cum with my toys when they arrive!!!

FYI-- New Email Address below