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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TMI Tuesday Most Memorable/Amazing Sexual Moments

Oh PY has some adventures to share in no particular order and I hope I don't have to stop to many times to cum because they are so HOT. But if I do have to cum maybe I will slip that information in as it happens????!!!!!

Damn this is making me wet just thinking about these moments.......(this would be appropriate to post a wet pussy pic but.........hmmmmm

1. A very memorable sexual moment was when a very sexy couple let me Dom him while she received the pleasure. It was so erotic to know what was being done. However, the best part of this session was when he put her on all fours (my fav position), and he called me!!!!! He started penetrating her with his thick cock. Her moans filled the air. I laid back and my legs spread eagerly. He spanked her ass and started fucking her harder. By now her pussy was so wet that I could hear her juices. This made me incredibly wet. My vibrator was on my clit and I started moaning. She was moaning and he was pounding her hard. I was so turned on....knowing they knew I was listening and masturbating. She started to say she was going to cum and my body started to tense up, I could feel this orgasm deep inside me. My hips were writhing. My pussy was so wet I almost couldn't keep the vibrator on my clit. He continued as he announced he was going to cum. I had already started to cum and my clit was pulsating and my body twitching. I am waiting for it to happen again.
(Yep you guessed it I am wet just from thinking about that day.)

2. My first time with a woman was just something that happened. It was not planned but something I had been wanting for years. She was a bit older than me. She was not the usual type I would be instantly attracted to. An opportunity came along and I kissed her, she kissed me right back. I waited a few and asked her if she wanted to go home with me and she said yes. We got to my place and I was feeling her up as I got to the door. As we entered my place I was the aggressor. I got her clothes off before we could get to the stairs. When I dipped my tongue between her lips I was so wet. I went to town on my first real taste of pussy. I pulled out my double sided dildo and I had her cumming within seconds. We went at it for an hour or so. I have been hooked on pussy since. Love the taste
(In case you were wondering my vibrator is working on my clit as I type. Damn it feels good.)

Well as luck would have it, my pussy is soaking wet and the rest will have to wait. Rolling the vibrator across my clit right now just seems like a better option. Hips thrusting. Pussy and Clit are hungry. moaning It feels so good. Left hand plays with my breast. Mmmmmmmmm Going to cum........Fuck Yes

3. The first time I fucked a man with a strap-on! I must admit that it was erotic and strange at the same time. I was wet at the prospect of making him moan with pleasure. I fucked him doggy style and then he rode me. I stroked his cock as I thrust my hips up to penetrate him deeper. Boy did he cum pretty hard. The only disadvantage was I didn't have a vibrator or something providing me additional stimulation. I am ready to do it again, any takers?????

4. Accidentally having anal the first time! (Yes, it really was an accident)
I was having sex with a fantastic lover on the couch. He had my pussy purring and cumming like usual. My pussy was so wet you could hear us fucking. I had my ass hanging off the couch and receiving the pounding I deserved and so loved. When something felt a little different but still felt good. I asked him to stop for a moment and I placed my hand down on my pussy. With the shock of my pussy was so wet and I was so relaxed, his cock had slipped right in my ass. OMG, I said. Of course, he smiled! I told him to go ahead and continue since it was feeling good and there was no pain. The orgasm was intense and felt so good...I was blown away. I have done anal every since...not every time but it is now on the menu.

5. This was last week, but the feeling of my clit being milked. I must start out by saying OMG, it was so erotic and I was so on edge. This was my new vibrator I was playing with for the first time. I was experimenting with the 10 speeds (yum)! I found one I wanted to try. I wanted to see how the orgasm would end with this speed. Well this speed had me hanging on the edge for over 15 mins. I was at a pace that it would get me to the edge and bring me back down and kept doing it over and over and over again. I could not believe the feeling. It was like my clit was a mile long and being milked by my vibrator and damn it I was loving every pulse. I ultimately had to change the speed to let myself cum. I need to feel that again...if that is what I think being milked is all about I want more. Keep my clit and pussy aching. The best part was, it was just me and a vibrator. There are just some things worth every penny and the time spent. Now that brought a whole new meaning to quality time. Anyone out there want to make my pussy feel this good????

WHEW...I made it without having to stop and masturbate. But my naughty bloggers know good and well what I am getting ready to do. That's right rub my clit and feel my wet pussy cum.
Ohhh my, one quick rub over my shaven pussy feels so good.


BTW, I have added formspring. Ask me anything!!!!


heelsnstocking said...

I'm going to have to read that all again, naked, rubbing, penetrating, oh and thinking of you doing it all to me.

So aroused now thanks py x

Advizor54 said...

After reading your writing, my hand will do the same to my own body.

Thank you!

(And what brand vibrator do you have? I need a new one)

Anonymous said...

I loved every one of these 5 memorable moments and even more so enjoyed the implied #6 as you narrated each story and described what you are doing. I'm going to get some more use out of this post later tonight ;)

Also, raising my hand as taker for #3

Get8More said...

Sexy, SExy, SEXy, SEXY WOMAN - damn!

Sweet Lou said...

#3 is a fantasy of mine. Want to pop my cherry?

Anonymous said...

Hot & horny...that's what you've made me.

I have never used a strap-on. I want to fuck a certain woman with a double-sided strap-on.


Drenchxoxo said...

Always such wickedly delicious offerings from you.

My clit twitched while reading your clit milking experience.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You were using your vib while typing your post? I'm surprised I didn't see any typos. Not one. ;-)

Florida Dom said...

HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!!

What else is there to say. You are one sexy, horny babe.


hornynecouple said...

Oh, we can do #1 again, any time you want. That was very hot for us too! We can do that as many times as u want!

H said...

Very very hot

phallatio said...

Thanks for sharing all this.

Very erotic!

And, as usual, it has stimulated my brain as well. I am now full of ideas!