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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 and The Last TMI

I have more reasons to celebrate then it being the New Year!!!! Those close to me know why, thank you for your support.

I wanted to keep up with the inquiry of new toys in the last TMI post. I did mention a couple of toys that I would like to have. However, after doing some serious shopping, last night, I found two others that I hope will float my boat.

One has some suction and vibration with five speeds. That is sure to produce a pussy warming orgasm. I just hope my pussy doesn't get so wet that it doesn't want to form a seal for suction. Bonus, this is hands-free!!!!
The second one is one I have seen in porn many many times when a woman is masturbating. It kind of looks like a lipstick case with additional speeds. It was worth a try especially with a coupon. (can email coupon to those who inquire)

I hope some naughty blogger(s) out there will give me a reason to cum with my toys when they arrive!!!

FYI-- New Email Address below



phallatio said...

Had a lovely long bath on New Year's Eve. Shaved my face and head and 'down there' as well. Naturally, I took the camera into the bathroom with me. I have sent all the photos to your private e-mail address. When you get to test your new toys, hopefully, my pics will provide a little stimulation. Happy New Year! xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year with your NEW toys! Mmmm! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year sexpot. Enjoy your new toys.