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Friday, February 4, 2011

To Eat or be Eaten?????????

Finally, she asks if I want company, sure I do. I know she is bi-curious and I was not going to pressure her in any way. Things should happen naturally. We walk back to my bedroom. She starts to take off her heels and I am admiring her plus-sized body. She continues to undress, I am in awe. I was expecting to chat and maybe kiss, she had to get back because of babysitter issues. Before I knew it she was completely undressed. My jaw dropped and she looked even more luscious.

Damn, what a body, I say to myself. I want to touch her but not sure if it was ok.(yes, I know dumb question) She clearly let me know I could touch her and I did not hesitate. Before I dove in, I noticed she has the largest areolas I have ever seen. I grabbed her right breast and my mouth covered her nipple. My tongue flicked her nipple as she moaned with pleasure. I move to her other breast. Sucking her nipple and squeezing gently. She moaned as I licked and sucked her breasts. She tells me she needs to lay down....who am I to argue with her.

She lays back and starts playing with her nipples again. I look her body over and compliment her on her beautiful body. I went back to devouring her nipples. I make my way down her belly. I lean back and spread her legs open. OMG, there it was, that beautiful smell of pussy. It has been way to long since I have smelled that smell. My mouth is watering at the anticipation of tasting her sweet pussy. I let out a moan as I took in her aroma. I began to kiss her inner thigh then when I was ready to exhale I let me warm breath out on to her pussy lips. Her hips came off the bed. I moved to kiss the other thigh, her hips are thrusting up. As I moved back her to pussy I took a deep breath in (damn pussy is so intoxicating) and slowly exhaled over her pussy lips again.

I took my tongue and licked her pussy lips on the left and then on the right. She was breathing heavier. Finally I took my tongue and licked her from her wet hole to her awaiting clit. She moaned with approval. My tongue was wet and she tasted so damn good. I went up and down a few times making sure I payed attention to her clit. Her hand moved to the back of my head. I just buried my face in her pussy and flicked and licked her clit faster and faster. Her hips were rocking and my face was all wet from her pussy. I backed away so I could lick my lips. Her moans made my pussy wet.

Before I dove back in, I took my fingers and rubbed her lips. Randomly, I would let my fingers run over her clit. She was wet. I let my fingers twirl in her juices. Slowly I penetrated her pussy with my finger. Her pussy was HOT, her heat engulfed my finger then another. I have never had a pussy that HOT inside. I slowly finger fucked her. Then I had to go back for another taste. I pumped my fingers as my tongue flicked and licked her clit. She is moaning with approval. I grabbed my favorite bullet and placed it on her clit. She gasped. My fingers were fucking her faster and that vib was working her clit.

She grabbed the vib and worked her clit as I continued to finger her HOT pussy. She begged me to play with her nipples. I took my fingers and began rolling her nipples in between my fingers. She told me to keep doing that. She was moaning louder and louder. She finally said....I am gonna cum I said cum for me.....she moaned oh fuck oh fuck
My fingers twirling her nipples harder as her body came off the bed and she began to shake and quiver as the waves of her orgasm took over. I ran my hands all over her body as she started to relax from her orgasm. She was satisfied and had to leave since she was already late.

I walked her out and climbed on the bed and let my vibrator rock my clit for what seemed like forever but it was not even two minutes. My clit was hungry and needed release.

Damn pussy is so good!!!
(True Story)


Anonymous said...

To eat or be eaten? That is the question. What a hot time for the two of you. Da-yum.

AFare24Get said...

I'll say it now: I am a jealous, pussy-eating man.

~licking my lips~

Anonymous said...

I am a pussy eater!

Anonymous said...

If you're doing the eatin' I me!

Sexy sexy tale. Love how you took your time to tease her thighs, and enjoy the aroma.


Advizor54 said...

What a fantastic afternoon. I wonder what she said to the babysitter to explain the delay...

Anonymous said...

So wonderfully written! Making me hungry for the taste of pussy right now... mmmm

1manview said...

They say its better to give... Than again... lol.. Nicely written..

H said...

There is something so hot about eating pussy, the way you tell it sounds so erotic.... damn, now I am desperate for some pussy... looks left... looks right.... damn not pussy insight

Anonymous said...

so hot. yes.