Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rewind TMI Tuesday #163

Here is a little more insight to my naughty side **wink wink***, enjoy! What are your turn-ons? My neck, a great kiss that also involves some hair pulling and being apporached from behind. I love to feel a man or woman pressed up against my back. What are your turn-offs? FEET, I just can't get passed them. Not counting your turn-ons, whats the best trait a person can have? Confidence is the most sexiest thing. Not counting your turn-offs, whats the worst trait a person can have? Thinking a BJ, is the only foreplay! What's your biggest pet peeve? My sexual pet peeve is once the 'MAN' cums, he is done and loses all interests no matter what stage of the activity you are in. Selfish Bastard Bonus--Describe your best and worst experience. My best 3-some experience was the second one I had (they were about 2 weeks apart). They were down to earth and we had a hot time. They made me comfy and it was fun. He was one that made it fun to share. We were together for hours, yummy! I was the first woman she went down on.....not bad! I loved listening to her as we played with her from all ends. The worst was a guy ended up getting drunk and it was so small, that he would not have been able to penetrate me, no matter the position.


Emerald Yomi said...

Snap on the feet thing! I can't stand them either, there isn't one single thing I like about them. The really dumb thing though, all my kids (four of them) had the cutest little feet until they reach about 7 or so, then they turn into 'real' feet! LOL

I'm so sorry that you got stuck with a tiny little pecker too. That must have been awful, added of course to him being drunk...sounds like a bit of a pig if you don't mind me saying.

Em. xx

BlueEyes69 said...

Good stuff! I'll get back to you on these next week ... from my blog!

Luv ya,