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Monday, July 20, 2009

TMI Tuesday #196

First I have to admit I love orgasms and I had one in the car driving to work this morning!!!! Don't look in the glove box **wink** 1. Your first self-induced orgasm I remember it being on the couch (somewhere around the time when Luke and Laura got married and Reagan getting shot). I wasn't sure what had really happened for a moment. 2. Your first other-induced orgasm I slept with my second guy in a playground tower/slide. I had three orgasms before we were rudely interrupted. My first vibrator orgasm was when I was about 20, and OMG. My first shower head--(I will never live in a place without one) was when I was 9 years ago. It was so much easier with my kids to enjoy the release. 3. Your first experience giving someone else an orgasm I will have to say I can't remember, but I can say the first experience of giving a woman an orgasm.....Oh now I have your attention...**evil grin** I brought her home from the bar, and had her naked before we could get up the stairs. I remember being so hungry for a woman that I just couldn't hold back. I got her in the bedroom and on the floor and I went to town. Her hips bucking, was truly exciting and HOT!! Once we were done with oral we were on to the TOY!!! We went from the floor to the bed!!! WOW 4. Your first time witnessing another's orgasm not induced by you Does porn count...hee hee I truly remember listening to other people. Oh wait, when I was doing 3-somes with couples. I had the pleasure of watching and damn that was HOT. 5. Since your first, what is the longest time you've gone between orgasms? I could easily say a month or two. Bonus: Tell us a particularly memorable orgasm you haven't mentioned yet It was not just one but the amount of time I was allowed. Let me explain further. I met a couple and we started a 6-month thing. He is the ONLY man who wore me out. He had stamina that was out of this world. I know most women do not want that, his wife was not a fan, but I enjoyed the hell out of it and miss him dearly (it ended). He could make me cum over and over again!!!!!! Great questions this week!!!!!


Nolens Volens said...

Ohhh...great answers...I liked this one answer...(no I am not saying which one!) LOL

Anonymous said...

Oooo nice answers my darlin'!


Sandra Barry said...

Love the TMI posts. I started them today. I hope you'll stop by so we can keep each other up-to-date. I'm following you now, so keep up the good work. And, again, please consider joining me and my friends to share some fun!

Luv ya,

BlueEyes69 said...

Wonderful blog, old friend! I recently updated my blog with a new, fresh look and a new name, so I'm just making the rounds today telling my friends/followers to check me out! Please stop by and join the fun. I love keeping up to date with you.

Luv Ya,

Emerald Yomi said...

I particularly enjoyed #2 because I have a real fondness for outdoor sex. Just the thought that someone might be watching us and I don't know it or that we might get caught really turns me on... :cheeky grin: =D