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Monday, August 3, 2009

TMI Tuesday #198

1. Family is the key to whom you become or not. 2. Friends are the best and there are only a few that really are true. 3. Exes are good reasons to learn from your mistakes or theirs. 4. Strangers do have the best candy. 5. Relationships rock when the sex can curl your toes. Bonus Tell us about your first love: He was my best friend in high school. He had long hair, a great smile and HOT. He knew but we never actually were together as a couple. But about a year out of high school we FINALLY got naked and went for it. It was bittersweet, he had moved about 800 miles away and was down for a visit. I won't forget it or him. We have since lost touch.


Vixen said...

VERY good answers! I was stumped on answering them even half interestingly. Yours were awesome.


Amorous Rocker said...

Great answers! #4 was the best =D Happy Tuesday!

rage said...

I couldn't agree with you more on 5!

Great answers!

Happy TMI!

Anonymous said...

He he I love that you think strangers have the best candy! LOL

Emerald Yomi said...

That is the best answer to #5! I think it's good in a way that you've not stayed in touch with that first love. It leaves a whole lot to the imagination and sometimes when there are 'proper' endings they aren't really that good. He sounds gorgeous, I had used to have a thing for long hair! LOL
Em. xx