Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Monday, December 6, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random---Limits

Questions from the sexy and naughty

As some of you naughty readers would be surprised to know, I do have some

What would you never do?
I hate to say I would never do something, but, I could never, ever do scat or golden showers. There are some things you don't share on purpose!!! LOL

What might you possibly do if you actually saw it performed right in front of you?
I have been on the fence with fisting and curious to know that if I saw it being done close up or tried it on someone if it would become truly erotic and make me wet.

What do you want to try as you like the idea if it?
1st--I want to dress up in a black corset, black stockings, black heels and a long black whip. I want the man on his hands and knees and I want him to do as he is told.
Dressing up and acting as a Dominatrix is so sexual arousing. I want to tease him, tease me and this would probably lead to me milking this man and making him cum so hard.
2nd-DP is something I want to try. I can't imagine cumming with holes full.

What did you try and now love?
Anal sex. I do not want to do it on a daily basis but I love to be pounded hard and the orgasms are truly devine.
Also FMF. I knew I was Bi, but wasn't sure this combination would be fulfilling. It has become more fulfilling than I could ever imagine. I am waiting to be fulfilled again!!!!

What did you try and didn't like?
This may sound strange to some of you but MMF. I would not be opposed to trying it one more time but it did not score high on my list.

Happy TMI my naughty bloggers


Anonymous said...

What!? You have limits? LOL! Just teasin' ;-) Yeah, I say nay to golden showers. No thank you.


heelsnstocking said...

I'm on my way to fulfil you baby!

I will pick hedone up on the way past :)

Great answers come see how many limits I have :)

Florida Dom said...

PV: Oh, I didn't know you were into anal sex. Oh, having you on your hands and knees while I pounded into you deeper and deeper with each thrust and you are moaning with pleasure and pain.


Anonymous said...

"There are some things you don't share on purpose!!!"

Good answer.

Can I watch you Domme H (of Hands in your pants and other lustfull desires)?

Good answers you naughty thing you ;-)