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Monday, April 25, 2011

TMI Tuesday: April 26, 2011

This week's TMI Tuesday questions are courtesy of two bloggers. Heelsnstocking and Hedone.
I am still having computer issues but hope to be back regularly, soon.

1. What sexually could you NOT give up for 40 days and 40 nights of sex?
Kissing, I love to kiss and to be kissed!!

2. As the weather improves would you have sex outdoors? If yes, where?
Oh yes! Sex outside would be so erotic. I have been plotting some nice outside weather sex. I am sure I will share it with you, soon!

3. What is the most riskiest place you have had sex? And were you caught?

One of the riskiest places was outside on the side of a bar. We were not caught but it was good.

4. Ever mixed food and sex? If so what was it and was it pleasurable?

I've used whipped cream and chocolate sauce. I have to confess about fantasizing about using it again.

5. Ever used a sex toy for something totally non sexual or something totally non sexual as a sex toy?
My sex toys are used for just that, producing some intense orgasms. I have used a non sexual object as a sex toy. A long time ago before I met a sex shop I used a cucumber one time.

Bonus: German immigrants introduced the Easter rabbit, a symbol of fertility for the spring holiday. This past Sunday, did anyone attempt to fertilize your eggs or did you attempt to fertilize someone's eggs ;-)
That is awfully cute. However it would be impossible to fertilize or be fertilized in my current situation.

Happy TMI Tuesday you sexy bloggers


heelsnstocking said...

Mmm whipped cream off you... I've dreamt about that x

Great tmi x hope you are well babes

Come visit me... As ever I've been naughty with mine

Drenchxoxo said...

giggles @ before you met a sex shop

Good to see you posting again :)

Cougar in Training said...

The side of a bar??? hot!

Anonymous said...

i hear you on the kissing answer in #1.

Anonymous said...

1. Muwhaaaah!

4. Just remember, be careful...sugars can cause yeast infections.

5. Attempted fertilization is all we're going for...but I get it ;-)

Good to hear from you PY. I miss you.


Don said...

1. What sexually could you NOT give up for 40 days and 40 nights of ...

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