Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random 5 questions

I am using the questions that the ever so sexy HnS ( used for her TMI.
I have been on the biggest emotional roller coaster the past ten days. I have not been able to concentrate or do much else. So I did not prepare as such (not that HnS questions aren't worthy)and I have not kept in contact with those of you who I talk to regularly. Enough reality crap.....let's get back to some naughty TMI.

1. Have I ever experienced subspace?
I don't recall having those feelings that HnS describes. I guess it is something I must look forward to.....a bucket list item if you will.

2. Whats my favorite kink?
Since I have not done as much as I like it would have to be my FMF 3-somes or anal. I have many more desires inside me I want to explore and then this list will change drastically.

3. Why is height so important to you?
I am tall but not 6ft. I like a tall man to be able to grab me and show his strength and his manliness. There is just something about a tall man!!!!!

4. Why don't you and the husband have sex?
That is truly TMI, those are things I keep secret......that is to much reality to share here.
wink wink

5. What sexual act you have done:

a) Do you regret?
I regret nothing I have done, it is all experience to make me such a naughty girl today. I regret somethings I have NOT done when I had a trusted partner, but I was not ready for that sexual part of me to become reality.

b) Thought you would never do?
To someone: Taking a strap-on and fucking a man
Have done to me: Anal & Spanking

c) Enjoyed the most?
I have to admit that anal is tops on my list.

Happy TMI


Florida Dom said...

I am about 6-2 and I love tall women. I would love to grab you and show you my strength and maniliness and take charge of your orgasms. I would be in charge of our sex scenes and would stimulate you with my tongue, my cock and my fingers and leave your clit throbbing, your hips bucking and your wetness soaking the sheets of the bed until you were begging for an orgasm and then I would slow down just as you were on brink to make you beg even more for me to stimulate your clit and give you that explosive orgasm you craved and when I finally gave it to you, you would be moaning. You would be a wet, writhing mess as your body kept shaking in pleasure.

Yes, tall women are a delight for tall men.


Anonymous said...

Good TMI Playfully-sexpot-Yours.

So, I guess I really need to rethink this anal thing, eh?


Read my TMI Tuesday here!

H said...

Great questions, great answers and I am with Hedone, I must try anal

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the height comment. ;-)

Despite everything, I'm glad you were able to put up your fun TMI post. I'm hooked on them. ;-)

heelsnstocking said...

Anal is so under rated!

Thanks for joining me with the questions x

We must catch and for the record I want to take you to subspace then hold you x

Richard, Shhh... said...

Well, I am always curious about what feels good to a woman about anal. Other than intellectual reasons like no-pregnancy, what sensations & feelings are appealing,specifically, for anal?

And what do you think are good ways to interest a woman in trying anal? ANYONE, please eMail me your thoughts: .