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Monday, October 4, 2010

TMI Tuesday "You asked for it"

It appears that one question from last week's TMI sparked some interest of my sexy readers..........The question was have you ever bought something from an adult store?
I have learned that the term 'Unicorn' describes me very well. It is no secret that I love women just as much as men. So being with couples is fun, erotic, and sexy. I am very into being with couples and looking forward to being in that sort of relationship again.

I had a short term relationship with this couple some years ago. One night we were out and stopped at an adult store. We shopped around for a bit before she(TW) suggested we go back into a booth. She ushered him(TH) and I into a booth and she went into the next booth. It had a window and we could see each other. TW said she wanted to watch us.

I sat down and took TH's cock out of his pants and started to suck his cock. He was moaning. I started sucking the head of his cock while stroking him slowly. I moved down to his balls licking and sucking them while I stroked his cock some more. He was getting harder with every stroke and lick I took.

TW was watching and I could see TW grabbing her tits and rolling her fingers over her nipples through her shirt. I stood up and bent over. TH shoved his cock nice and hard in me. Oh it felt so good. After a couple of minutes the store clerk came banging on the door. We covered up and left. We hopped in the car and went to the house.

We came in and got naked. I started sucking his cock again, while TW started playing with her pussy. I couldn't wait any longer I wanted him inside me NOW. I bent over the bed and asked him to fuck me hard. I wanted to be fucked so bad. Now as I bent over I made sure my face was in her pussy. I licked and sucked her clit for a few minutes. As TH was fucking me nice and hard I had to form a firm grip around TW's pussy. I started to suck and lick her faster as I slowly began to finger her tight pussy.

TH started to spank me to get me to buck into him and moan loader. TW was so wet and I knew she was close to cumming. TH began to pull my hair and pulling my face away from TW's pussy. She started to rub her clit as I continued to finger her pussy. It was incredibly HOT being that close to a woman masturbating. It was so HOT that I started to cum and so did TW, we were both moaning loudly. TH continued to fuck me. He was getting ready to cum and I put my mouth up to his cock and he finished stroking so he could cum in my mouth.

Anyone want to go to an adult store with me??????


Florida Dom said...

PV: As usual, your post was hot. erotic and sexy so let me be the first in line to offer to go to an adult store with you.

You name the place and the time.


H said...

PY I would love to cum to an adult store with you, anyone you want to invite.

Your sexy

Anonymous said...

Anytime, anytime!
Great story, so descriptively raw and sexual, sporting some wood now!

The Other Woman said...

wow. I really enjoyed this post. I am even a little wet. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Me! I do, I do!! *jumping up and down wildly*

That was very hot. Especially back at the house.

Very very nice TMI.


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