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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sorry about TMI

I have had some serious personal stuff with myself and with my possibly losing my grandkids. I am trying to deal with it as best I can. So I was not truly in the funny mood this week.
OK maybe this was TMI and very personal.

Look for some erotica soon.

Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this PY. Take care of yourself and be back to us when you can.


Anonymous said...

By definition, since it's TMI you can't say anything wrong.

I hope things get worked out and are going better soon!

Anonymous said...

Sending you good thoughts.

Advizor54 said...

Family First, Last, and Always.

Take care at home and we'll be wishing the best for you.

H said...

Hope all turns out well PY
Truly sorry to hear this

Richard, Shhh... said...

If things get too intense, feel free to flash us on ANY day and get it out of your system for a while! Imagine you're telling the bad guys "FUCK YOU & KISS MY ASS!" Best wishes! XOXOX

phallatio said...

Yeah, sometimes life gets in the way of the fun stuff. Hope things work out. x

Indi said...

PY ~ sendin big soft *hugs* to you.. take care of you.



Florida Dom said...

Sorry to hear about this and hope it works out for the best.