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Monday, November 1, 2010

TMI Tuesday 'If I were the opposite sex for one day'

I apologize everyone, there was some miscommunication about posting this, so here is mine.......

If I could be the opposite sex for one day:

a. What sexual position would you do?
I know I would want a woman in a swing but I have to say a woman being on top sparks my interests as well.

b. What sexual act do you want performed on you?
I have to say being on all fours and someone milking me is intriguing.

c. What sexual act do you want to perform?
I would love to experience being inside of a man/woman and be penetrated by a man at the same time.

d. How many times do you think you would masturbate?
I would have to say at least five times. I have to consider different scenarios for masturbating. For instance: With one of those male toys that slips over your cock that feels like a woman, watching porn, while someone watched me, in the shower, and while having a butt plug inside me.

e. Would you have sex with both sexes?
Hell yes I would. I have heard some men say that men give better BJ's, I would have to test this theory.

f. Would you pay for sex to guarantee you could experience all of these things?
I would have to say no. There are to many of us freaky ladies out there who would be more than happy to satisfy a man on a whim and have a good time doing it!!!!

Happy TMI


H said...

Your answer to b & C are intriguing... you naughty sexy thing

Anonymous said...

You are so freakin' naughty even as a man! :D

Happy TMI Tuesday. You had a great idea.

Your partner in sexiness,

Florida Dom said...

You are so sexy regardless of what sex you are.


Anonymous said...

Great answers, lots to think about as to the possibilities.

Regarding (f), you would definitely have the advantage in picking up women with all of your inside knowledge, but I'd love to know who would be on your list of women you would try and hook up with ;)

Anonymous said...

PY, in answering Marcus' question, you'd better put me at the top :D ;-)

Stop by my TMI Tuesday HERE


Anonymous said...

(B) does sound intriguing, indeed.