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Friday, February 11, 2011

1st Formspring Friday

Just FYI, I did fix some spelling errors......

What's your favorite part of a man's body? why? What's the favorite part of your body? Why?
My favorite part of a man's body to feel is his arms, when I am getting fucked missionary and my hands holding on while he fucks me hard.
My favorite part of a man's body I like to see is his eyes. The way a man looks at you can be so sexy and that non-verbal communication is amazing.

My favorite part of my body is my hands. My hands have traveled up and in a woman and a man. Not to mention all the times I have explored my body's hot spots and produced some amazing orgasms.

Do you swallow?
Oh I absolutely do and I'd love sharing it with a willing man in a HOT kiss!

How to pick up trannys on the street
I have personally never picked up a tranny so I have no experience with it.

Happy Formspring Friday

Cum on everyone, I know you want to ask me a question!!!!! Go ahead and click on the formspring box.



TemptingSweets99 said...

Awesome questions! Hot answers! Hmmm... I'm gonna have to think of some questions now. Watch out! ;-)

Florida Dom said...

Could I volunteer to share a hot kiss with you? Sounds so sexy!!!!!


Marcus said...

The second part of the answer to the swallow question caught me off guard - I loved it! I wonder how common this is? I'd be more than willing to receive back, mmmmm