Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Monday, August 23, 2010

TMI Tuesday Submitting (part 2) to Ms. X & Mr. Y

But..... After tasting Ms. X off of Mr. Y fingers, soon you can hear Ms. X moan she is going to cum. Mr. Y is pumping her with all his might as her moans peak then she begins to calm down and she slows her breathing. I hear some shuffling and the presence of someone next to me is obvious. The smell of Ms. X is overpowering. I can hear some slight moaning and then I feel him brush up against my leg. The sound is familiar, he is slowly jerking off in front of me, I can hear him stroking, how hot is that? As Mr. Y continues stroking in front of me, my thoughts take over and I wonder where will he cum? Will he cum on my breasts, my face, will he make me open my mouth and make me swallow it (oh how I would love to taste him)???? Then all noises stop. I sit there patiently but impatiently. I feel each one grab an ankle as they spread my legs and tie them to the legs of the chair. Simultaneously, each of my breasts start being sucked on. I moan, and a stern voice tells me to be silent. Their hands are roaming my legs and my thighs. I am so hot and horny. Then in one single motion, Ms. X spreads my lips and rubs my clit as Mr. Y slips his fingers in my wet pussy. I begin to moan with pleasure. Again, I am told in a firm voice to be silent. How can I be silent when they are giving me such pleasure. Then I thought how hot it would be to cum with no sound, just the motions of my muscles contracting and body movements. They continue the assault on my pussy. I can't imagine anything better at this moment. I am told to close my mouth. I obey. Then I feel Mr. Y's wet fingers being pressed against my lips and I feel my warm juices. He dips his fingers back in my pussy and spreads more of my juices on my lips. The smell of my juices is so over-powering and sexy. Then I feel Ms. X's tongue start to lick my lips as she presses against my lips and we begin to kiss. Mr. Y begins to pump his fingers in me as Ms. X and I continue kissing. I am going to cum and he knows it. As long as Ms. X is kissing me the sounds of my orgasm will be muffled as he wanted me silent. My pussy walls start contracting as I begin to cum on his fingers. Ms. X grabs my face and pulls me in so close while her tongue is darting around in my mouth. I am gasping but my pussy is pulsating and so very wet. After I start to come down from my orgasm, I am untied. Oh I hope this isn't over, I want more, I need more. I don't dare speak as I believe I will be told to be silent again. They stand me up, I hear the chair being moved. I start feeling Mr. Y's cock and then his body press against me from behind. Ms. X begins to kiss me again and Mr. Y starts nibbling on my neck. This goes on for a few minutes and then I am turned around and moved until I am sitting on the bed, then I feel................... Happy TMI PY Check out my girls I know they will be playing, if they haven't already....


pleaseeatme said...

You really made me wet! Thanks for that! ;^P

Anonymous said...

What!? What!? What did you feel????

I can't wait for the continuation.


Anonymous said...

thats frickin HOT

Anonymous said...

OH MY GAWD!!!! Finish already! How can you just leave me like this. !@#$

I am so worked up...

Mmmm. so good.

Favorite line: "They continue the assault on my pussy."

Favorite paragraph: All of the hot text that follows my favorite line.

PY this was goooooood!

-H (for hot 'n' bothered)


I'm playing TMI Tuesday too... here!

heelsnstocking said...

you turn me on so much, you are so awesome x

I played...(no news flash there eh lol!)

Florida Dom said...

You are so good at hot erotic writing that I fear you're going to burnup my computer.

Please continue.