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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TMI Tuesday Submitting (part 3) to Ms. X & Mr. Y

I feel Mr. Y's cock being pressed against my lips. I begin to open my mouth and he tells me firmly to close my mouth. I want to taste him so bad. He starts moving his cock across my lips as he randomly strokes his cock. He demands that I stick out my tongue. I obey. Mr. Y's cock finally touches my taste buds. He rubs the head of his cock over my tongue, he moans slightly about how hot my tongue was. Mr. Y takes his cock and presses it against my tongue. I can feel him taking long slow strokes up and down his shaft.

By this time Ms. X is behind me, her hard nipples brushing against my back. She slowly pulls my shoulders back making me lay down flat on the bed. I hear Mr. Y move over and I hear Ms. X take his cock in her mouth with her moaning and sucking sounds. I take my hand and slowly move it towards my pussy. I start to rub my pussy and then my hand is slapped away. Mr. Y says don't touch your pussy that is ours to play with unless you are told other wise. Damn, that sucks but is so HOT at the same time. All of a sudden the noises stop, again.

I feel Ms. X's soft thighs around my face as she straddles my face. Mr. Y tells me not to move until told differently. Ms. X grinds her pussy on my face and lips. Her pussy juice is warm against my face. She grinds for a bit longer and then Mr. Y demands I eat her pussy. I open my mouth and my tongue starting flicking her clit Ms. X begins moaning as I devour her pussy. I feel Mr. Y take my legs up in the air and has Ms. X hold them there. Mr. Y takes his cock and rubs it from my clit to my ass. I flinched, it felt so good. Be still Mr. Y says firmly.

Mr. Y rams his cock into my pussy. I moan loudly, unexpectedly. He immediately removes his cock slaps my pussy and tells me to obey and be silent from now on!!!!! As I feel his cock against my pussy entrance I just grab a hold of Ms. X's clit with my mouth and suck it as hard as I can as he rams his cock back into my wet and hungry pussy. Ms. X gasps as she benefits from my silence and pleasure. I cum the first time within a minute of him penetrating me. My silence is wreaking havoc on Ms. X's pussy as she cums on my face. Mr. Y continues as my pussy walls just keep giving in to his cock. The more he makes me cum the more Ms. X cums on my face.

As Mr. Y continues he decides........


Florida Dom said...

I probably shouldn't read your erotic posts so early in the morning. I am supposed to be getting my day started and you have me all hot and bothered and I have to type with one hand because the other one is already busy. LOL.

Keep up the good writing. Maybe I should read them in the evening when I have more time to relax and have fun.


Anonymous said...

I so want to be Ms. X.

Hedone's TMI is here!

H said...

Hot! After reading that I am full of lustfull desires

Anonymous said...

What a threesome you all make. ;-)