Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

EROTICA inspired by (insert name here)

Hmmm can I intrude in your thoughts when you get some alone time. Can I stand behind you, kiss your neck and tie the blind fold? Can I lie you on the bed and tie your hands out of reach? Can I kiss you gently all over except for where you ache? Feel my breath over your pussy but not lick or touch. Know I'm close to your mouth making you ache to kiss. Then we I think you ache enough for me I will kiss your lips and taste you for the first time. I shall let you finish that thought... Oh my, how HOT! By the time I got to the second line I already had my hand between my legs....holy shit! Oh how my clit begged for my fingers. Damn, it has been a few days and my pussy needed some attention. Slight moans start....thinking of having someone behind me and then being kissed on my neck is one of my favorite things to get me wet and then to add the blindfold.... My body is getting all flushed and warm, my thighs spreading wider and wider. My pussy getting wetter and wetter. My clit so firm when rubbing it. My hips start moving up and down begging for me to rub my clit faster. I start pressing harder on my clit and my hips begin moving up and down faster. I slip a finger in my wet slit and my finger is covered in my wet juices and I bring my finger out and now start rubbing my clit. My finger is slipping and sliding all over my clit and I can feel my body wanting to cum. I dip my finger back in my pussy and bring it back out to rub my clit and as I start rubbing my clit my pussy starts clinching and I start cumming. Waves of uncontrollable spasms go all over my body. Wow, I came so fast.....but damn my pussy feels so good.


Anonymous said...

...and that's what it's all about hot stuff!!


Florida Dom said...

Oh, PV, you came too fast. You want it to go slower so your clit is throbbing before you go over the edge.