Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Monday, June 21, 2010

TMI Tuesday Things I want Mr. Y to do to me....

The players, Ms. X (last week), Mr. Y (this week), and XY (next week) The theme continues with Mr. Y....ENJOY 1. Let me accidentally catch you masturbating and make me watch you until you cum. 2. As I walk away from you, you grab my hair and pull me back to kiss you. 3. Mr. Y puts me over his knee (for a proper spanking) and he grabs the paddle and spanks me until the heart cut-out is imprinted on my ass. Then Mr. Y rubs my ass as he slowly moves towards my pussy and then he just slams his fingers in my pussy and finger fucks my pussy with no mercy until he makes me cum. 4. I am in the kitchen cooking dinner and Mr. Y comes up behind me, pulls my hair to expose my neck and takes a nice bite. Mr. Y grinds his cock into me, he moans. Mr Y. lifts up my dress and makes me bend over and rams his cock right into my pussy and fucks me hard and fast until he starts grunting moments later and the feel of his hot cum fills my pussy. mmmmm 5. Mr. Y blindfolds me and undresses me. He sits me on the edge of the bed. He spreads my legs. I can hear him pacing around the room...then I hear the door squeak. I await with anticipation, where is he going. I feel him crawl up behind me and he starts kissing my neck. I lean my neck back and he begins to kiss me....then I feel a strange presence.....just as I begin to try and pull away from Mr. Y, I feel a mystery hand between my legs, I try to move but Mr. Y pulls me close and holds me in place. I can't help but welcome this hand massaging my pussy. The mystery hand started slow but has picked up the pace. Mr. Y starts kissing and sucking my breasts. The mystery hand starts to dip their fingers in my dripping wet pussy, slipping them in and out. I am moaning loudly as my hips start to rise up to receive these mystery fingers. Then the fingers pull out and stop. All of a sudden I feel Mr. Y between my legs and his hard cock enters my hot wet pussy. I moan loudly. Then the mystery hand starts rubbing my clit as Mr. Y is fucking me. I feel my legs start to shake as my pussy is overcum with an intense orgasm. The mystery hand and Mr. Y keep going, making the quakes continue as another wave of orgasms cums over me. Bonus: Does anyone want to lend their hand to this hungry pussy???? Happy TMI


hornynecouple said...

can i be mr y?????????????

Florida Dom said...

PV: Oh, I would love to add a hand to your pussy but I think Mr. Y was too quick to give you an orgasm. I would have gone much slower, just flicked your clit and make you beg for an orgasm until you were screaming for relief. And then I would give you what you so desperately wanted.

And thanks for your kind comments on my latest Lisa chapter. And I guess our minds do run in the same direction.


heelsnstocking said...

ahem FD put her down she is mine! lol x

I can do all but you will have to find that strap on x

Florida Dom said...

heels: Can we share her: I will get her all warmed up and begging for more and then you can use the strapon!!!!! LOL.

I think she would like to be doubleteamed that way.

We can certainly agree that PV's sexy posts turn us on and make us want to do things to her.


Anonymous said...

HOT DAMN! Mr. Y please please do #3 and #4 to me.

Lusciously Lusty as usual PY. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

someone has some work to do!
Go Y!

Gray said...

My my my such a naughty girl you are PY. I adore it!:)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm yes #5 sounds delicious to me.


Anonymous said...

You should see the captcha words I got after posting my comment. See HERE .