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Monday, June 28, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random 'Things I want X & Y to do to me'

The theme continues with MS. X and MR. Y......I hope the enjoyment I have when I am able to be with a man and a woman, shows through this post! 1. When we meet sparks fly, sexual chemistry is everywhere. Our vanilla meeting has ended with next meeting intended to be naked and hot in two days. As we begin to say our good-nights, Y surprises me from behind to rub his hand across my ass and give an approval nod to X. I smile. X comes towards me for a hug and she plants a kiss on my lips that makes me gasp. Soft lips, a subtle but eager tongue and the taste....mmmmmmmmm (pussy wet) I wanted to say lets go somewhere right now, but I didn't want to seem to I impatiently wait. 2. The drive home was a long one....I could feel the heat from my pussy. I reached down a couple of times and rubbed my clit. Knowing I needed to cum I stopped in the nearest grocery store parking lot and parked way in the back. I slid over to the passengers side and placed one leg on the dashboard and began to rub my pussy, dipping my fingers in my pussy and rubbing my clit until I came. I was so aroused that I came so quickly. Which was good I could see security coming out of the building and walking towards my isolated car, I quickly scooted over and drove home. 3. I accepted an invitation to meet at a hotel for a drink. I take the elevator to the room as they weren't ready yet. The hotel room door opens and X is standing there dressed in a black and red corset, a collared leather necklace, red high heels and black thigh highs. I am thinking that drinks will be later.....much later. She walks towards me and kisses me hard and hungrily. My hands feeling the lace and her soft skin underneath. Exploring more, I reach down and rub my hand on her ass. I grab it slightly and pull her up close as the kissing intensifies. I can feel her nipples starting to protrude in her corset pressing against me. As I reach up and start playing with her nipples I hear the door....just then I realized that it was only myself and X in the room. She rushes to the bathroom and says she will be right out as Mr. Y enters the room. 4. My phones rings....there is a moment of silence and as I begin to say hello, then it becomes clear I can hear moans. He is fucking her while I listen, I put it on speakerphone. Her moans so sexy and you can hear his hard thrusts against her pussy. Instantly my hand goes straight to my pussy. This is just like a quickie, so unexpected but very welcomed. I grab my vibrator and set it on high. I begin moaning as I listen to the sexy sounds of fucking. As my clit starts to engorge and my pussy responds I start moaning, he has put his phone on speakerphone as well to hear me moaning. I hear him ask me to cum for him and I said well fuck her harder so she moans louder and just as she starts saying pussy explodes with a powerful orgasm and as I am cumming down I notice that the phone clicked and they hung up......How about that for interactive???? 5. It is my birthday and the plans are all set. We are meeting at midnight after I have met with friends for a late dinner and drinks. I am driven home due to many drinks and shots (no drinking and driving). They pull up right after I open the door. I have done nothing but think about them and my pussy all night long. They walk in and I am pointing to where things are and Y comes up behind me and grabbing my hips and pressing and grinding his hard cock against my ass. I close my eyes and moan. While pressing my ass against him, X approaches me from the front. She begins to play with my large breasts and kiss me. I have a man behind me and a woman in front of this is what I want every day!!!! X starts to remove my shirt, exposing my red lace bra. She unhooks my bra and starts sucking on my tits. Y is continuing to grind against me as he starts to pull up my skirt and is surprised that I have no panties on. I am so wet with anticipation. He reaches around in front of me to coax my legs open and finds my clit....I moan as he slowly teases my clit. I start removing X's clothes. Exposing her breasts with hard nipples. I eagerly lean forward to suck on her tits. My hand goes down toward her sweet spot. Mmmmmm she has a large clit. I can't wait to suck on her clit. While I was leaning forward Y took out his hard cock and entered me effortlessly, I moaned as his thick cock filled my wet pussy. I motioned to X to lay back on the table so I could taste her sweet pussy. I devoured her pussy as Y slowly fucked me so I didn't lose my rhythm with her clit. Hearing X moan made my wetter and hotter, soon the sounds of Y fucking my pussy are becoming louder. We move to the bedroom and Mr. Y lays on his back and X climbs on top of his hard wet cock and I settle my wet pussy right on his face. He starts licking my clit and I can't help but moan louder and louder. As my hips begin moving back and forth to fuck his face. I grab my vibrator and press it against X's clit while she rides and grinds Y's cock. She begins moving faster and faster and the moans are loud, you can see she is going to cum. I reach with my other hand and start rolling her nipple between my fingers, begging her to cum for me....please. Her body start shaking and she yells out she is cumming.... So hot!!! I must taste her pussy after she came. We switch positions and I lay down on my back and pull her onto my face....licking every drop of her juices. Y then enters me and begins to fuck me feverishly, he knows I have been close but has backed off a few times. X is moaning and moving her hips on my face. I grab her hips to stop her every now and then to suck her clit. Y sees the vibrator just laying there and he presses it against my clit as he continues to fuck me. I moan OMG.....he knows I am going to cum. My muscles start to clinch and my body shakes and my tongue is moving so fast on X's clit that she is going to cum again.....and then the earth moves. X and I begin to cum at the same time, moaning and OMG's are being yelled everywhere. X and I get on our knees and begged for Y to cum for us. He strokes his cock while X and I take turns sucking on his balls. It only take a few minutes before he is on the verge. X and I have our tongues out ready to catch every single drop....His cum is streaming out and covering our face and tongues and a sigh makes its way through his lips as he wipes the sweat off his brow. We all climb on the bed and cuddle..... I hope the series was to your liking???? Now I am going to masturbate this was so HOT and I need it so bad. If anyone did masturbate besides me, please tell me....I would love to hear about it!!!


heelsnstocking said...

if i wasnt abstaining i would of cum reading that! wow very very hot, applying for job as miss y

Florida Dom said...

Oh what a shame that heels was abstaining because this story was a total turnon so I had an extra cum for heels' sake.

You are such a good erotic writer. Hope you keep writing more scenes like this.


phallatio said...

My house is always full of teenagers. I never have any privacy!

I have just read your blog and I want to masturbate.

Won't make that mistake again!

Must remember to empty the house first before reading your blogs!

Anonymous said...


Advizor said...

I'm not abstaining right now....


Gray said...

Damn I shouldn't have read this at 6am. You have such a talent for words PY. Love it!!

London Escort Agency said...

Shame here.