Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ms. X stops by.....

Ms. X is a sultry woman. She has long dark curly hair, long legs, full c's. X came by my place, late. I was already sleeping. She took off her clothes and left on the thigh-highs and the black heels. I awoke to her between my legs and me moaning. She was going to town on my pussy. Licking and sucking every inch of my pussy, my lips, my clit and teasing my pussy entrance. My hips start bucking just as she moves back to my clit. I don't want to cum yet, but who knows how long she has been eating my pussy. I can feel the orgasm building as she can tell I am close. She starts sucking on my clit and finger fucking my pussy with two fingers. My hips rising off the bed taking her fingers deep in me. I am moaning and telling her I am going to cum and don't stop. This is a big orgasm I can feel it deep inside me working slowly up to my clit for an explosive orgasm. My legs start shaking and my moaning just keeps going. She moves up towards my breasts and starts sucking each one and taking her time. Lapping at my nipples and nibbling. She moves up to kiss me as I feel her whole body pressing against mine. I grab her tight and flip her over. I kiss her hard and move down to her neck. She begins moaning as I start sucking her nipples. Her nipples are hard and protruding and wet from my tongue. I start kissing down her stomach, her moans quickening as I approach her smooth pussy lips. She starts thrusting her hips as I kiss her inner thigh just above the lace on her thigh-highs. She wants me to lick her pussy but not yet. I move to her other thigh tracing her other lace thigh-high until she grabs my hair and shoves my face in her pussy.....MMMMMMMMM I start sucking her clit as she is forcing her pussy further in my face. She is grinding her pussy on my face hard and fast. I reach and begin rolling my fingers on her nipples. I try to pull away to prolong this orgasm but she held me tight onto her pussy. I stuck out my tongue and let her grind her pussy on my face until she couldn't take it anymore. She starting shaking and cumming so hard. She was moaning oh my god, oh my god. Her body starts to calm down and I lay there with her juices covering my face and her sweet smell taking over my senses with every breath. Damn I love being with a woman!!!!!