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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TMI Tuesday Top 5 I have really done..

I have been asked if my posts were fact or fantasy..So I decided that this post was excerpts of things I have done. I have cut some down due to space and ONLY doing the top 5. Top 5 things I have done.... 1. I am in the kitchen cooking dinner and Mr. Y comes up behind me, pulls my hair to expose my neck and takes a nice bite. Mr. Y grinds his cock into me, he moans. Mr Y. lifts up my dress and makes me bend over and rams his cock right into my pussy and fucks me hard and fast until he starts grunting moments later and the feel of his hot cum fills my pussy. mmmmm 2. My phones rings....there is a moment of silence and as I begin to say hello, then it becomes clear I can hear moans. He is fucking her while I listen, I put it on speakerphone. Her moans so sexy and you can hear his hard thrusts against her pussy. Instantly my hand goes straight to my pussy. This is just like a quickie, so unexpected but very welcomed. I grab my vibrator and set it on high. I begin moaning as I listen to the sexy sounds of fucking. As my clit starts to engorge and my pussy responds I start moaning, he has put his phone on speakerphone as well to hear me moaning. I hear him ask me to cum for him and I said well fuck her harder so she moans louder and just as she starts saying pussy explodes with a powerful orgasm and as I am cumming down I notice that the phone clicked and they hung up......How about that for interactive???? 3. It is my birthday and the plans are all set. We are meeting at midnight after I have met with friends for a late dinner and drinks. I am driven home due to many drinks and shots (no drinking and driving). They pull up right after I open the door. I have done nothing but think about them and my pussy all night long. They walk in and I am pointing to where things are and Y comes up behind me and grabbing my hips and pressing and grinding his hard cock against my ass. I close my eyes and moan. While pressing my ass against him, X approaches me from the front. She begins to play with my large breasts and kiss me. I have a man behind me and a woman in front of this is what I want every day!!!! X starts to remove my shirt, exposing my red lace bra. She unhooks my bra and starts sucking on my tits. Y is continuing to grind against me as he starts to pull up my skirt and is surprised that I have no panties on. I am so wet with anticipation. He reaches around in front of me to coax my legs open and finds my clit....I moan as he slowly teases my clit. I start removing X's clothes. Exposing her breasts with hard nipples. I eagerly lean forward to suck on her tits. My hand goes down toward her sweet spot. Mmmmmm she has a large clit. I can't wait to suck on her clit. While I was leaning forward Y took out his hard cock and entered me effortlessly, I moaned as his thick cock filled my wet pussy. I motioned to X to lay back on the table so I could taste her sweet pussy. I devoured her pussy as Y slowly fucked me so I didn't lose my rhythm with her clit. Hearing X moan made my wetter and hotter, soon the sounds of Y fucking my pussy are becoming louder. 4. I start kissing down her stomach, her moans quickening as I approach her smooth pussy lips. She starts thrusting her hips as I kiss her inner thigh just above the lace on her thigh-highs. She wants me to lick her pussy but not yet. I move to her other thigh tracing her other lace thigh-high until she grabs my hair and shoves my face in her pussy.....MMMMMMMMM I start sucking her clit as she is forcing her pussy further in my face. She is grinding her pussy on my face hard and fast. I reach and begin rolling my fingers on her nipples. I try to pull away to prolong this orgasm but she held me tight onto her pussy. I stuck out my tongue and let her grind her pussy on my face until she couldn't take it anymore. She starting shaking and cumming so hard. She was moaning oh my god, oh my god. Her body starts to calm down and I lay there with her juices covering my face and her sweet smell taking over my senses with every breath. Damn I love being with a woman!!!!! 5. Grabbing my breasts over my black lacy bra. I released my large breasts (I think you've seen them) **wink** Wanna grab em??? I took my pants off...oops No panties there. I spread my legs and reached my hand down over my entire pussy and feeling the heat. Damn I was really already wet--moaning silently. Wanna feel my wet pussy? Wanna taste it?? I hopped in the shower and lucky me I have a massaging shower head. I leaned back on the cold tile and pushed my pussy forward. I grabbed my pussy lips and spread them open and grabbed the shower head and put it on massage. As the water pressure hit my clit I let out a moan (someone may have heard me) but at that point I didn't care. My pussy was getting some hot attention. The vibration from the water penetrating my pussy was making my clit dance. I was breathing heavy and writhing against the tile which was no longer cold against my back. I moved the water and ran my hand between my lips and dipped my middle finger in my wet pussy....moaning pumping my finger in and out a few times. I moved the shower head back over my pussy, my clit aching from the pressure of the water. My legs getting weak, I am getting close to cumming. I hope you enjoyed...damn I forgot how hot some of these were.....You know what I am thinking and I have to go to work!!!! PY


Anonymous said...

Top 5? These are pretty hot!


heelsnstocking said...

yummy! wow! hot! and thats just you x

top 5 were very reflective

inherservice said...

It sounds like a recipe for a wonderful life...

Anonymous said...

I released my large breasts (I think you've seen them) **wink**

Wanna grab em???"

I am not sure that I have seen them, will you show me again?

Yes I do!


Autumn said...

holy hell that was hot! i loved reading that! it's been some time since i've been with a woman and i've gotten quite shy but do hope to experience it again someday...*sighs*

loves autumn

Gray said...

Wow.. that is damn sexy!! Just like you girl:)