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Monday, July 26, 2010

TMI Tuesday Caught by Mr. Y

1. Caught off guard Been working the early part of the day with wet panties. Desperate for his touch...the touch only Mr. Y can provide. I went to lunch at my usual time and low and behold he surprises me down the hall. My face lights up, we embrace. He grabs my hand and leads me outside to a semi-secluded picnic table. It has a tablecloth flowing over it, some bite-sized snacks, and some sparkling juice. I straddle the seat so I could face him. He does the same. He picks up a snack and feeds it to me. One after the other and I take sips of my juice. He moves towards me as close as he can and kisses me. That kiss was the beginning of a sexy moment. He pulls me close and one of his hands makes it way between my legs while he is holding me close. Being hidden by the tablecloth he can be discreet. He moans mmmmm, he can feel how wet I was. Mr. Y begins to flick at my clit with his fingers. And with one swoop he slips two fingers in my hungry pussy. He pulls back to look me in my eyes as his fingers are working their magic in my pussy. I am breathing heavier. Not making a sound as there are people around us. He plunges in and out. I am so turned on because we could be caught, someone could be watching, and most erotic is not making a noise as he fills my pussy effortlessly. He can sense I am going to cum and he starts kissing me deeply as my walls begin to cave in. He holds me real close to disguise the body twitching from the waves of orgasm rolling over me. My body begins to relax and he hands me my glass to wet my palate. He starts to pack up the remaining snacks and kisses me goodbye. Leaving me and my wet pussy spent and in awe. 2. Caught in the act I come in from enjoying the sun, good music, and the light breeze. I go up to take a shower to freshen up. I decided to release some energy in the shower as I start watching me undress. As I climb into the shower I turn the shower head to massage. I let the pressure of the water part my pussy lips exposing my clit. Moving the shower head slowly from the front to the back of my pussy. Letting out a moan with pleasure. I keep moving the water pressure all over my pussy. My breasts wet from the water splashing up and my nipples becoming erect. I dip a finger into my pussy as the water is pumping my clit. Moaning louder as the feeling is to good to resist being quiet. All of a sudden the shower curtain opens up and standing there is Mr. Y stroking his cock.....he was listening to me masturbate. Slightly blushing, I didn't miss a beat I keep the hard massage moving back and forth over my pussy. Moaning as I watch Mr. Y stroking his hard cock. Watching him stroke is making me wetter. I start slipping my fingers in my pussy as the water is hitting my clit. My moans getting louder. I can see Mr. Y is getting close. I take my finger out of my pussy and stick them in his mouth. He moans and starts to groan. I move the shower head begging him to cum on my pussy. It is only a few strokes later his hot cum starts hitting my pussy. I start rubbing in the hot cum and my clit responds quickly. I rub my clit feverishly. His cum and my juices begin to bring me to a leg quivering orgasm. I am moaning louder as I have to lean back on the tile of the shower to keep myself standing up. Mr. Y is milking his cock as he watches me cum and out of breath. Sometimes being caught is just what a girl needs. PY


Anonymous said...

now, THAT is my idea of a lunch break. and i think you're right: being caught IS just what a girl needs sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Caught off guard is delicious..."hungry pussy"..."he plunges in and out"

Oh how thrilling to be made to cum outside, in a public place, with others in earshot. Simply daring! I love it!


Nice shower. I'd like to lather up Mr. Y.


Here's my TMI Tuesday

Indi said...

That adreniline rush of being caught off guard ...Oh and by the way I too am now wet!! Hot!! Superb



NK said...

Its my first time... here on your blog. Love it. I am an official fan. I just wonder if there is a Mr. X that would like to play, as well.