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Saturday, July 10, 2010

TMI Tuesday--Inspired post "Introducing Ms. Z"

A little back story here. Myself and HNS ( received the following excerpt in an email from a sexy blogger: I secretly fantasize about you (PY) and HNS. When PY writes those X, Y stories I think...I want to be Ms. X. Last installment you (HNS) offered to be Ms. X and I thought...okay, I'll be Ms. Z and we can all 3 be naughty together. Characters are Me (PY), Ms. X (HNS), Ms. Z (sexy blogger) I will leave this blogger nameless unless she chooses to say who she is in the comments. We meet at my place after work just us girls for a drink. Ms. X arrives first and she is stunning with her beautiful long legs and black heels. Her dress, low cut showing her cleavage and hugging her luscious curves to catch my eye and smile. Ms. Z shows up just as I am pouring the first glasses of margaritas for X and I. Z comes in with a tank top hugging her tits with a hint of nipple appearing, short tight skirt, nice tan legs and cute sandals. As we start to relax and lighten up and adding another margarita. I begin to become distracted. Looking over at X and I start wondering if her stockings are thigh-highs or not. I glance at Z and her nipples are starting to protrude more noticeably in her tank top. Z excuses herself and goes to the bathroom. I look over at X and I walk over and kneel in front of her and take my hands up both her legs , yes they are thigh-highs. She spread her legs for me without objection. I take my hands against her hips and pull her down to the edge of the couch. I start kissing her inner thighs and move up towards her clean shaven pussy, I open my mouth and dive into her pussy. She starts moaning. My tongue circling her clit and her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Z comes out of the bathroom and is surprised by what she is seeing and hearing. Z stands next to me. As I continue to lick X's clit I take my hand and slip it up Z's skirt and start to rub her pussy. She starts moaning. I move over to Z and slide her panties over and I start eating her pussy. X removes her dress and starts playing with her clit while watching me eat Z. My hand moves to X's pussy and I slip two fingers in her wet pussy while she rubs her clit. The sounds of moaning fills the room. X begins lifting her hips to meet with the penetration of my fingers in her pussy. She starts moaning she is going to cum. Her walls begin to quiver on my fingers as she cums. My face still buried in Z's pussy. X stands up and takes off Z's tank top and starts sucking on her hard nipples. Z's legs begin to shake as she claims she is going to cum. X holds her tight so her legs won't give way. I press my face harder against her pussy to feel her cum on my tongue. Z sits down all flustered. Ms. X pushes me back on the floor. She moans as she sees I have no panties on under my sundress. She starts moving her thumb back and forth on my clit. My pussy so wet from hearing those two cum from my assertion. I am moaning. Her thumb is putting the right amount of pressure of my clit. X moves her face right into my pussy, I yelp with the first touch of her tongue, it was so cold and felt so good (she had taking a drink from her frozen margarita). She was licking and her tongue darting around my pussy just made me want to cum....but I can't, not yet. She soon takes her fingers and starts finger fucking me....damn I will not be able to hold back now. She is pushing her fingers deep in me, making her hand slam into me as she pounds in and out of my wet pussy. Ohhhhh shit, I start to yell. I try to tell her I am going to cum but nothing but moans were escaping my lips, but X knew she could feel my pussy crashing against her fingers. In the meantime, Ms.Z has gotten herself together and has started rubbing her clit. I am very excited that she wants more....This is what she has been wanting. I am still laying down and Ms. Z comes over and just sits on my face...mmmmmm She is already so wet. Her clit meets my tongue and the moaning begins. My tongue is flicking her clit while she rides my face. My face is getting soaked but I am enjoying every second of it. She leans over so we are now in the 69 position and she starts eating my pussy ever so slowly. She is teasing my clit with long slow strokes. Then Ms. X joins in and slips a couple of fingers in my pussy making me moan and just stops short of me cumming. Ms. Z moves her hand to my pussy and starts to feverishly rub my clit. My hips come off the ground and Ms. Z moves her face to my clit and starts to suck it as I am cumming. Oh shit, I exclaimed. Ms. X moves right over top of me where she can finger Ms.Z's pussy while I suck and lick Ms. Z's clit. Ms. Z is at our mercy. Ms. X is sliding her fingers in and out of Ms. Z's eager wet pussy, my tongue picking up the pace as she moans louder. Ms. Z starts bucking her hips in no time. Her body shaking and quivering over my mouth. We all collapse breathless. Ms. Z exclaims that we should have drinks more often!!!!???? Happy TMI PY


Anonymous said...



Soaking wet panties


Steamy story.


heelsnstocking said...

well that had the intended effect :)

that was so sexy to read, you are so fucking hot x

Anonymous said...

You busy ladies. ;-)

dirty thirties said...

Hmmm, a nice Xmas present for my wife ..

Naughty Nikki said...

WOW!!! You had me at long legs and heels. I LOVE both. Thanks for sharing this story.


AtiyaLuv said...

Steamy, hot, sexy, soooo very Erotic!