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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TMI Tuesday Random 'Last place I......'

OMG, it is Tuesday the holiday has me so thrown off!!!! oops 1. The last place I masturbated was in my car. Sunday morning while driving back from the red box using my vibrator. 2. The last place I sucked a cock was in a tent while camping. 3. The last time I had phone sex was with this sexy man on Thursday or Friday night. It was so HOT when he came from my dirty talk of what I wanted to do with him if we were together. 4. The last time I kissed a girl was the fourth of july, I dragged her in my bedroom and grabbed her and kissed her, yes I caught her off-guard but she loved it. 5. The last time I had a threesome was in a couples apartment after we went to dinner. I fucked her with her dildo while I sucked on her clit. When I was done with her her husband bent me over the couch and made me cum over and over again. This one deserves a BONUS: The last time I watched porn was this weekend and it was of a woman masturbating in the backseat of a car. YUM I love watching a woman masturbate!!! Happy TMI


Anonymous said...

2. Yes, I love doing that in a tent...with other campers around. I always wonder if they hear.

4. You could do that to me.

You're such a sexpot :)

hornynecouple said...

can we be involved 2-5??? and 3 sounds soooooo familar :)

Anonymous said...

great post, htmi

Barefoot Dreamer said...

1) in my bed in the middle of the afternoon two days ago
2) in the living room 3 days ago
3) sigh...... ancient history
4) never- yet ;)
5) never - yet ;)
6)prior to #1... it too was F porn

love this randomness ..... your life sounds far more fun

Nolens Volens said...

Now...your post has rendered me unable to stand up. Why? I have company. LOL

heelsnstocking said...

the last thing that made me wet was reading your blog x

Anonymous said...

I had to first out loud today PY --- Sunday coming home from Redbox. Classic love!!!