Dress me up, spank me, then tie me up, please?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Nights....

The temperature has been an alluring 65-70 degrees at night with a slight breeze. This provokes me to sit on the deck with music playing in my ear. I quickly go inside and change, I need to shed some clothing. I put on a black sundress, it ties around the back of my neck and goes just to my knees. Did I mention that I have nothing else on???!!! The only light is the light from the moon. I get comfortable.....I place one leg upon the table letting the slight breeze tickle my lips. I can feel that my pussy is wanting some attention and since I am alone I have the freedom to pleasure away. I pull the dress back to my waist....exposing my deep treasure. The feeling of being exposed outside gets me hot. I wonder who may be watching.....HOT I let the breeze gently brush my thighs. The glass I am drinking from is sweating from the heat. I pick up the glass and place it against my lips getting me wet...and with that slight breeze.....oh my!! I can't resist but touch my now extra wet lips. I start by just barely touching my lips. I can't believe how aroused I already am. I waste no time spreading my lips and rubbing my clit. Slight moans are coming out. I slowly untied the top and let my breast be exposed to that breeze. I grab one tit and rub my pussy with my other hand....mmmmmmm I drop my head back and breathe in deeply. I don't want this to end so soon but my pussy is just hungry for an orgasm. Slipping my finger in my wet pussy and rubbing my juices on my lips. This allows me to smell my sex as I play with my pussy. I love the way my pussy smells and tastes. I can't resist it any longer I need something in my pussy....I dip two fingers in my pussy, moaning loudly. My fingers feel so good penetrating my wet pussy. As I get a rhythm going my pussy gets wetter and wetter. My hips are rotating to feel my fingers as deep as I can. I want to fuck my pussy with a dildo but that means I have to move from this position so my fingers will keep fucking my wet self.... I pump my fingers hips grinding on my hand. oh yes oh yes I wish you could fuck my pussy with your fingers.....Cum on do you want to make me cum??? Cum on guys and gals who's up for it??? I know you want to make me cum.....


Florida Dom said...

PV: What a hot erotic scene, you are such such a sexy writer.

And, yes, I'd love to make you cum with my fingers. But I would go very slowly to heighten your arousal. First, I'd rub my fingers on your out lips, but avoiding your clit not to push you over the edge. Then I would stick my fingers into you and coat them with your juices and then I'd have you smell them and then feed them to you as you sucked all your juices off of them.

Then I would get another batch of your juices on my fingers and rub them on your nipples and breasts so you could smell yourself.

When I return my fingers to your pussy, you would be moanng, bucking your hips against my fingers and begging me to give you a cum. I would make you beg more and you would be saying, please, please, I need a cum. Please, I'll do anything for a cum.

And finally I go to your clit and start rubbing it and it's like a jolt to your pussy and you start panting and screaming as your orgasm explodes. But I don't stop there. I keep rubbing until you have another and another until you can't take it any more and you slump back in your share, a glazed look on your face and a sheen of sweat on your sex-crazy body.

I then would give you aftercare, slowing rubbing your body as you came down from your sexual high.

Well, PV, I hoped you enjoyed that addition to your story and hope it gets you hot all over again.


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome to me. I would sure like to help you out with that.

Florida Dom said...

PV: I know sequels never match the orignal but let me try to see if I can write a sequel to my earlier story.

You tossed and turned in the night. You couldn't fall asleep because you were in a state of bliss. Every time you rolled over and saw him sleeping, you felt a charge in your pussy. You found yourself getting wet. It had been such a great experience to discover such a wonderful lover. You had met so many men who didn't know how to give a woman pleasure. They were either selfish or inept as lovers. But he had played your body like a violin. He had explored every part of your body and he had done it slowly until you were so aroused that your wetness soaked the sheets and you were screamng with pleasure when he finally gave you an orgasm. But he didn't stop with one. He gave you orgasm after orgasm until you were so exhausted that you your body could no longer cum.

And then he didn't roll over and go to sleep. He had given you a lot of aftercare and made sure you came down slowly from your sexual high.

The only problem was that you wanted more. You wanted more from this man who could give you so much pleasure. You wanted him to wake up and play with your body again. He had treated your whole body as a sex toy. He knew how to give you pleasure to the core of your being. You didn't want to let this man go. You wanted to seduce him so he would give you more.

Finally, as the light peaked in through the curtains, he started to stir. And you quickly started to make use of this opportunity. You snuggled next to him and started to stroke his hairy chest. There was nothing subtle about what you were doing. You were acting like a slut but the body wants what the body wants. And your body wanted more of him.

As he awoke feeling your caresses, he knew what you were doing and he was enjoying it. He could tell you had a high sex drive.

He was experienced with women. He knew you were a woman he could pleasure over and over again and he started stroking you entire body. He rubbed your face and kissed you with such sweet kisses that your pussy already felt like it was on fire and your clit was throbbing. This man knew how to kiss. And then he started on your tits and he sucked on your nipples and even bit them. By now you felt like a rag doll in his arms. He could do anything he wanted with you as long as he kept giving your pleasure. She could see he wasn't going to rush. He would slowly warm her up the way he did the night before.

And by the time he reached her pussy, she was so wet that the sheets were being soaked once again. And then he rolled over on top of her on his knees and she could see his lovely erect cock. She reached for it, but he slapped her hands away. Be patient he said. And instead of entering her, he rubbed that cock against her lips as she moaned and begged for more. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, she screamed. But he just kept rubbing her lips and she started begging. Please, please, please, fuck me.

And then suddenly, he plunged into her and banged against her cervix. And withdrew and banged into her again. This was raw fucking. And she loved it. And then he came just as she had her first orgasm. This was heaven. But again, he wasn't done. He kept fucking her until she came time and time again. Oh, she had never felt so aroused. And when she finally was spent, he then gave her aftercare.

Oh, she wondered if this was all a dream. She had never experienced such a good lover. She wondered if she could convince him to stay in bed for more.

Well, PV, I don't know if it'll match the original but I hope it's fun for you.